Privacy Impact Assessment

Don’t let privacy woes throw you off the path

Unsure of how your organization is handling personally identifiable information (PII)? A privacy impact assessment (PIA) provides your organization with an analysis of how PII as well as other confidential information is being collected, used, shared, and maintained. Organizations looking to get ahead of the curve can utilize a PIA to prepare to enhance privacy policies and procedures, or to comply with existing regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA Privacy Rule and EU-U.S. Privacy Shield.

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About PIA’s

During a PIA, A-LIGN’s privacy professionals will work with your organization to understand and analyze the PII that your organization interacts with.  Based on the needs of your organization A-LIGN can make recommendations or develop your privacy program to better handle and protect that information. Your customers remain confident that their information is processed as intended and secured.


Why do I need a PIA?

A PIA can help chart the path for proper handling of PII. Additionally, PIA’s reinforce your organization’s commitment to protecting privacy and can help strengthen public trust and confidence in your data privacy protections.

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