Transforming Your Audit Experience with

Compliance is already challenging for IT professionals due to rapid changes in an evolving threat landscape and increasing regulatory requirements. IT professionals may not necessarily be experts in security and compliance, or overseeing compliance may not be their full-time job. How do you keep up with a changing industry and new regulations that put businesses in non-compliance?

Elevate to Strategic Compliance

A-LIGN is transforming compliance so organizations can transform their business through A-SCEND 2.0, a proprietary compliance management platform purpose-built for audits – with an emphasis on the end-user – so that anyone can approach audits anytime, from anywhere.

We have the experience of working with more than 2,400 customers on 6,000 audits through A-SCEND and the expertise across SOC, ISO, PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, FISMA and other security frameworks. We’re empowering our customers by making it possible to consolidate compliance into a single, annual audit, collecting more than 1.2 million pieces of evidence in the process.

A Unified Platform

A-SCEND 2.0 is an end-to-end compliance management platform. The same tool used to collect evidence is the same tool used to conduct audits. When Nora Pan set forth her strategic compliance initiative for TIBCO, her goal was to centralize documents, policies and procedures to streamline the audit process. Aside from A-LIGN, Pan eliminated most of her assessment service providers so TIBCO could consolidate the company’s audits with a single vendor. By centralizing evidence collection and standardizing requests, A-SCEND makes it possible to consolidate into a single annual audit.

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We understand the people conducting audits may not have experience with IT controls, systems or security frameworks and creating an easy-to-use process for achieving compliance is a must. Technology plays a critical role in compliance, but it’s important not to overlook the human element. We’ve completely re-written A-SCEND to create a more intuitive user experience and workflow, including real-time audit tracking, improved communication and enhanced features:

  • Operational Dashboard: Operations managers can delegate and reassign work from a single pane of glass. Track completion of work by audit, location and worker. Enhance visibility with a critical event view of key milestones, past due items and risks.
  • Integrated Communication and Collaboration: Contact A-LIGN with questions directly from A-SCEND 2.0 or leave comments for team members on specific audit requests.
  • Modern UI/UX: A-SCEND 2.0 delivers a polished and intuitive audit experience.
  • Secure by Design: A-LIGN maintains its own independent SOC 2 Type 2 report and hosts A-SCEND 2.0. A-SCEND delivers additional security controls, including two-factor authentication and database encryption.
  • Human-Enabled: Backed by some of the world’s most experienced and trusted audit and compliance advisors, who are personally committed to your success.

The A-SCEND Difference

A-SCEND allows organizations to conduct audits more easily and creates a strategic compliance model that will minimize the expenditures of conducting multiple audits and lower the operational expenses of lost productivity. A-SCEND transitions audits from tactical and transactional functions into a strategic approach to compliance by centralizing evidence collection and standardizing compliance requests, making it possible to consolidate into a single annual audit.


Learn how A-LIGN is transforming security and compliance through A-SCEND, so you can focus on transforming your business. Request a demo or call 888.702.5446 for more information.