Risk. Regulatory. Revenue: The A-LIGN R3 Framework

Security, compliance & assurance R3 Framework


You’ve seen the news reports:  56 million debit and credit cards used at Home Depot are at risk from a security breach that happened last month.  An estimated 40 million debit and credit card records were stolen from Target last year.  If security breaches can happen to these multi-billion dollar companies, it can happen to any business.  And they do…all the time.  Security and compliance requirements are ever-changing and it can be a difficult task for any business to keep up.  If you’re navigating the road of uncertainty when it comes to your business and risk, know that you have an ally in A-LIGN.

A-LIGN is here to help businesses of any size alleviate the risks associated with their business processes, comply with regulatory standards and increase revenue by demonstrating their controls through an independent audit.  We provide a single solution to meet any assurance, security, and compliance assessment needs.  Our main goal is not just to help you get where you need to be in terms of security, compliance and assurance.  We want to help you remain secure, complaint and assured by creating an on-going and personal relationship with your company.

To effectively demonstrate the value A-LIGN can provide, we created the R3 Framework as a visual guide that encompasses the services we provide to our clients as well as our process for ensuring that you and your clients receive a dependable and quality report.

The Risk Assessment, Compliance & Assurance You Need All In One Place.

The outermost circles represent A-LIGN’s customer lifecycle. We first identify your company’s unique assurance, security, or compliance needs.  Then, we evaluate your company’s processes to ensure that you receive a report that represents your organization and its processes accurately.  But we don’t stop there.  The process of identifying, evaluating and reporting is a continuous one and we make ourselves available to you all year long.

Risk, regulatory, and revenue represent the main core of the R3 FrameworkWe assess risk continuously by staying in touch with you.  We’ll schedule touch points throughout the year with you and one of our Directors.  We help you stay on top of your regulatory needs by keeping current on your industry’s standards and knowing the latest compliance regulations.  We can help you increase revenue by performing audits which in turn can attract new clients.

Information security, compliance, and attestation are the areas in which we provide services. As a licensed CPA firm, QSAC, accredited ISO 27001 certification body and Accredited FedRAMP 3PAO, we have extensive experience in providing the following services:

  • SOC 1: SSAE 16 Examinations
  • SOC 2: AT 101 Services
  • PCI DSS Assessment Services
  • ISO 27001 Certifications
  • FedRAMP Security Assessments
  • FISMA Security Assessments
  • HIPAA and HITECH Services
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments
  • SOC 3: WebTrust/SysTrust Services
  • CFPB Exam Readiness Assessments

A-LIGN offers fixed-fees, competitive pricing, executive level involvement, and year-round availability.  We also provide additional cost efficiencies for clients who need to comply with multiple service offerings.  Align yourself with A-LIGN and let us help you be secure, become compliant and gain assurance.

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