Featured CLIMBER: Blaise Wabo

This month’s Featured CLIMBER Blaise Wabo talks about his path from Douala, Cameroon, Africa, to his continued journey at A-LIGN as an Associate Director and Chair of the firm’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Network.
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CLIMBERS Virtually Connect in Annual CLIMB Team Building Event

300+ A-LIGN CLIMBERS connected virtually for our annual summer training event, CLIMB 2020: ELEVATE. This event connects CLIMBERS from across the globe and ignites the momentum needed to help us elevate to the summit of our full potential. Continue reading “CLIMBERS Virtually Connect in Annual CLIMB Team Building Event”

Featured CLIMBER:
Jonathan Lopatofsky

Featured Climber: Jonathan Lopatofsky A-LIGN

In honor of October being National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we sat down with penetration tester Jonathan Lopatofsky to discuss what brought him to A-LIGN and why he thinks cybersecurity is important. Continue reading “Featured CLIMBER:
Jonathan Lopatofsky”