Featured CLIMBER: Elizabeth Hugenberg

This month, we sat down with Featured CLIMBER Elizabeth Hugenberg to hear about her journey at A-LIGN. She shares what has changed the most since she joined the firm in 2016, the professional growth she’s experienced, and what advice she would give to those entering the industry.  

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SOC Report Types: What You Need to Know

Organizations cannot afford to leave their clients’ trust to chance. They face complex pressures from customers, regulators and cyberattacks to implement appropriate controls within their environments to protect customer and proprietary data. Continue reading “SOC Report Types: What You Need to Know”

The New Normal:
Fully-Enabled Remote Audits

The new normal is anything but normal, but before we join in the chorus of “uncertain times” let’s take a moment to reflect on how standards organizations have responded to COVID-19 to enable remote audits so that organizations can continue to demonstrate trust. Continue reading “The New Normal:
Fully-Enabled Remote Audits”

What Does Your Supply Chain Look Like?

With the severity of COVID-19’s impact around the world, there has been a marked increase in the need for critical resources and supplies. Unfortunately, not all suppliers were prepared for such a spike in demand. Continue reading “What Does Your Supply Chain Look Like?”

SOC 2 Examinations for Colocation Service Providers

The framework and criteria for a SOC 2 examination are flexible and can be applied to many entities, including service organizations who work with an entity to provide a particular type of services (e.g. data backup services, cloud hosting services, managed IT services, incident management services, change management services, network security services, etc.). Continue reading “SOC 2 Examinations for Colocation Service Providers”

Take An In-Depth Look at the SOC 2 Audit Process

Understanding the purpose and examination process of a SOC 2 audit can be confusing for first-time users and experienced customers alike. A simple Google search can give you the basics of a SOC 2 audit, but that generalized knowledge is only the beginning.

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SOC 2 for Startups: Boosting Your Startup with SOC 2

SOC 2 for startups may seem like a difficult endeavor given the moving parts involved in launching and maintaining a successful startup. From funding to revenue, it can be easy to neglect compliance examinations like a SOC 2 Examination – or delay completing one until a future date. Continue reading “SOC 2 for Startups: Boosting Your Startup with SOC 2”

Featured CLIMBER:
Emily Schuckman

At A-LIGN, integrity is everything. Being accountable for your work is a value celebrated through our annual value awards at CLIMB, A-LIGN’s annual employee team-building event. This year, Emily is the winner of the “Do the Right Things, Always” award. Continue reading “Featured CLIMBER:
Emily Schuckman”