Board Members and C-Levels: Are You Ready for 2018 Cybersecurity Risks?

Within the last year, multiple laws and regulations have significantly increased cybersecurity risk management responsibility for board of director members and C-level executives. Let’s review four of these developments to ensure you have a plan in place to meet the requirements. Continue reading “Board Members and C-Levels: Are You Ready for 2018 Cybersecurity Risks?”

Common Database Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations

I recently attended the MIS Training Institute’s Infosec Conference held in Orlando, Florida and sat in on a presentation by Josh Shaul, Chief Technology Officer with Application Security Inc.  The topic of the presentation was the top 10 most common database vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. I felt that the information was not only relevant to providing assurance of database systems security when auditing, but also provided a glimpse of some of the most common and sophisticated attack methods used to invade enterprise databases, and I wanted to pass along a few of the more important points. Continue reading “Common Database Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations”