A-LIGN Celebrates Black History Month 2021

A-LIGN’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Network focused on empower and education its CLIMBERS and promoting awareness through various initiatives throughout the month.

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Reflecting on 2020 and Working Toward a Better 2021

Building a business is like climbing a mountain. I’ve thought a lot about this analogy over the past decade growing A-LIGN – it’s no wonder you see it all over our website and embedded in our logo. Continue reading “Reflecting on 2020 and Working Toward a Better 2021”

Featured CLIMBER:
Patrick Sullivan

CLIMBERS at A-LIGN come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. But they’re unified in their commitment to quality, teamwork and innovation. This year’s winner of the Todd Skinner Award, Patrick Sullivan, is no exception. Continue reading “Featured CLIMBER:
Patrick Sullivan”