Featured CLIMBER:
Patrick Sullivan

CLIMBERS at A-LIGN come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. But they’re unified in their commitment to quality, teamwork and innovation. This year’s winner of the Todd Skinner Award, Patrick Sullivan, is no exception. Continue reading “Featured CLIMBER:
Patrick Sullivan”

Featured CLIMBER:
Alexis Scarborough

CLIMBERS at A-LIGN take many different paths throughout their journey. Committing to the highest standards in your work and our organization is celebrated through our annual value awards at CLIMB, A-LIGN’s annual teambuilding and training event. This year, Alexis Scarborough is the winner of the “Commit to Quality” award. Continue reading “Featured CLIMBER:
Alexis Scarborough”

Featured CLIMBER:
Stephanie Cox

CLIMBERS at A-LIGN take many different paths throughout their journey. Being innovative in the organization and industry is celebrated through our annual value awards at CLIMB, A-LIGN’s annual teambuilding and training event. This year, Stephanie Cox is the winner of the “Innovate Constantly” award. Continue reading “Featured CLIMBER:
Stephanie Cox”

Featured CLIMBER:
Emily Schuckman

At A-LIGN, integrity is everything. Being accountable for your work is a value celebrated through our annual value awards at CLIMB, A-LIGN’s annual employee team-building event. This year, Emily is the winner of the “Do the Right Things, Always” award. Continue reading “Featured CLIMBER:
Emily Schuckman”

A-LIGN Celebrates 10 Years of Success at CLIMB 2019: MOMENTUM

A-LIGN recently held its annual summer training, CLIMB 2019: MOMENTUM in Denver, Colorado at the new Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center.

This year was the largest CLIMB to date with 265 A-LIGN CLIMBERS from across the globe. They joined their families at the annual teambuilding and training event which celebrated A-LIGN’s 10th anniversary, an inaugural “Trekking for 10 Years” 5K challenge and companywide momentum.

A-LIGN team


Over 150 A-LIGN CLIMBERS and their families participated in A-LIGN’s inaugural 5K charity challenge that benefited two local charities: Junior Achievement – Rocky Mountain and MaxFund Animal Adoption Center. Junior Achievement Rocky Mountain prepares young people to thrive in the 21st-century workplace and global economy by inspiring a passion in free enterprise and entrepreneurship and instilling an understanding of personal financial literacy. MaxFund Animal Adoption Center is Denver’s true no-kill animal shelter and adoption center that gives animals, including the injured, abandoned and abused, a second chance at life.

CLIMBERS and their families braved the rain and chilly weather to complete a 5K challenge. Each CLIMBER and family member that participated got to choose between the two local charities A-LIGN donated to for all the proceeds of the 5K. A-LIGN donated a total of $4,000, a $2,000 donation to each local charity. Blaise Wabo, Senior Manager at A-LIGN finished the 5K in 21:26, a time that CLIMBERS are already training to beat at next year’s event.

CLIMB 2019 5K Challenge


In addition to CLIMB’s charity component, the A-LIGN team spent time in training to enhance their skills and ability to better service A-LIGN’s clients. Topics covered leadership training, general business updates, annual performance awards, teambuilding activities, technology updates around A-SCEND and an in-depth look at the breadth of service offerings that help clients demonstrate trust and respect to their stakeholders.

CLIMB 2019 Teambuilding


A-LIGN’s Core Values are the essential and enduring tenants of the organization and so many of our CLIMBERS embody these values every day – in the workplace with colleagues, onsite with clients and even in their personal lives.

Over 95 nominations were submitted from employees across each department and around the globe – showing how widespread A-LIGN teams’ commitment to the core values.

Congratulations to A-LIGN’s 2019 award recipients!

Value: BE ALL IN: No matter what. Always. Unconditionally. We commit fully and engage fully so that together, we can move mountains.

Congratulations to Sean Delaney, Junior SalesForce Administrator, the 2019 “Be All In” award recipient.

Sean Delaney Be All In Award Winner

Value: COMMIT TO QUALITY: Level of service is part of our identity. Each member of our team commits to the highest standards.

Congratulations to Alexis Scarborough, Manager of Reporting & QA, the 2019 “Commit to Quality” award recipient.

Alexis Scarborough Commit to Quality Award Winner

Value: DO THE RIGHT THING, ALWAYS: Integrity is everything. Fueled by accountability, we take an honest and transparent approach to our work.

Congratulations to Emily Schuckman, Managing Consultant, the 2019 “Do The Right Thing, Always” award recipient.

Emily Schuckman Do The Right Thing Always Award Winner

Value: INNOVATE CONSTANTLY: Why call it quits at base camp? We challenge every team member to be a pioneer and keep climbing.

Congratulations to Stephanie Cox, Vice President & Controller, the 2019 “Innovate Constantly” award recipient.

Stephanie Cox Innovate Constantly Award Winner

The fifth and final award is the newest CLIMB award – the Todd Skinner Award.

Todd Skinner was an accomplished alpinist known for his dangerous ascents and his optimistic books that encourage everyone to tackle the mountains in their own lives. At A-LIGN we implement Todd’s wisdom in everything we do from to reaching to meet our annual sales goal to launching new innovative technology.

A-LIGN’s 2019 Todd Skinner Award recipient is known for his unrelenting optimism and charge for ensuring honesty and integrity are at the forefront of every discussion with both our clients and employees. ​He continues to challenge other managers he works with to set aggressive goals to invest in our employee’s growth and become advocates for their success at A-LIGN​. This award recipient is someone who embodies and lives all four of our Core Values.

Congratulations to Patrick Sullivan, Managing Consultant, the 2019 “Todd Skinner Award” recipient.

Patrick Sullivan Todd Skinner Award Winner

For more information regarding A-LIGN, CLIMB, or our commitment to the community, please email us at [email protected].