Ostendio Expands MyVCM Auditor Connect Marketplace with
A-LIGN Partnership

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ARLINGTON, Va. – September 28, 2020 – Ostendio Inc., a leading provider of integrated risk management software, and A-LIGN, a security and compliance provider, today announced that A-LIGN is joining the MyVCM Auditor Connect™ marketplace offering customers more choices in their third party security and risk management audit firms. Continue reading “Ostendio Expands MyVCM Auditor Connect Marketplace with
A-LIGN Partnership”

Strategic Compliance:
Fact and Fiction

The most profound change that IT leaders need to make in their approach to strategic compliance is to their own mind. There are many self-imposed limiting beliefs that must be overcome. Continue reading “Myth-Busting
Strategic Compliance:
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The Apex of Strategic Compliance

There is no denying that we have entered a new zeitgeist with strategic compliance. Organizations have been thrust into thinking about how to securely enable the productivity of a remote workforce. Continue reading “The Apex of Strategic Compliance”

Which Compliance Audit is Right for Me?

When it comes to compliance audits, one should never follow the “one-size-fits-all” mentality. The type of audit you need often depends on your organization’s industry, specific client requests or type of data stored. Continue reading “Which Compliance Audit is Right for Me?”

Top Tips for Effective Audit Preparation

For any organization that stores, interprets and manages sensitive data, complying with cybersecurity requirements is of utmost importance. The most comprehensive way to test the strength and effectiveness of these systems is through a compliance assessment. Beginning this process, however, is no easy feat. Continue reading “Top Tips for Effective Audit Preparation”

ISO 22301: Keep Your Business Protected

The ISO 22301 certification, created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), is a business continuity management system (BCMS) certification that shows your organization’s policies, procedures and processes are optimized and ready to weather any storm, both figuratively and literally.

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Don’t Undergo an Audit or Assessment Before Reading This Guide

Cybersecurity examinations are an important undertaking for your organization, its health and projected future. With no shortage of firms and examination types to choose from, preparing to undergo an audit or assessment can feel like a massive undertaking. Is the firm cutting corners reliable? Is the accessor able to deliver on their lofty promises? And how can you tell if they’re providing quality work?

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Leveraging Your Compliance Report

Compliance examination reports are more than an attestation of your commitment to quality and security; they can drive revenue, build client trust and position your organization as a cybersecurity leader in your industry.

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How Audits Enhance Your Business and Drive Revenue

Today, many businesses are presented with the opportunity for growth and development. With these new opportunities come risks and challenges, many of which they have never seen before.

The digital landscape is as vast as it is complex, and businesses are seeking proactive guidance to address their information security risks, as well as meet their compliance requirements. Some of the available solutions for tackling these emerging challenges are through specific audit and security assessments.

Although audits can seem daunting, there are many benefits beyond complying with customer requests and improved information security. Conducting annual audits and assessments can also lead to an overall increase in revenue.

Some of the advantages of having an audit conducted include:

  • Winning and retaining clients
  • Improving operations
  • Facilitating strategic initiatives

Winning and Retaining Clients

In most industries, an assessment of the organization’s information security is required prior to conducting business. This necessity is key to driving and winning new business, as well as retaining existing clients, as audits demonstrate an organization’s due diligence in adhering to security requirements and safeguarding client data.

One of the largest benefits is the source of revenue affiliated with the audits. Through maintaining, assessing, and validating controls, a business can attract prospective clients and provide current clients with necessary assurance of processes.

“We are fast growing and we keep expanding our scope adding additional audit frameworks, locations around the globe, and new services. Our clients depend on the accuracy and details that are provided in these audits,” stated Virtustream, an A-LIGN client since 2011.

By complying and maintaining current customer requirements, businesses can easily meet future requests from prospective customers, thus streamlining the sales cycle. Audits can even help a business enter new markets. Through adhering to robust requirements businesses can address unique needs of new clients in different sectors. This competitive advantage can diversify a client base and be used to facilitate future sales.

Operational Effectiveness

Everyone knows the foundation to a good business often relies on management’s commitment to good governance. When businesses undergo an audit, it can promote a sound infrastructure and system through the implementation of the proper internal policies, procedures, and controls.

myMatrixx, a client since 2011, described how A-LIGN became an invaluable partner providing solutions that “helped [them] establish and maintain [their] compliance and governance initiatives.”

By building a reliable foundation, businesses can cut costs and make business operations more efficient, allowing executives to focus on improving products and services with opportunities for scalable expansion.

During an audit or assessment, an independent third party examines the business process controls to validate legitimacy, the reports generated post-audit can identify areas for improvement and provide possible remediation, allowing businesses to enhance their operational system to work more efficiently.

Facilitating the Future

Audits are great snapshots of a businesses’ current processes, therefore when brainstorming and planning for strategic initiatives, audit reports can provide valuable insights to help business executives focus on what matters most.

“A-LIGN looked beyond the foyer, as to whether these things could be regularly done or performed. That’s important because you’re not just auditing the client for the current period, hopefully, you’re setting the client up for continued success” said Advanticom, Inc., a client since 2016.

An audit report can help identify areas of weakness that may need to be addressed prior to future development and expansion. Thus, a business can become proactive, rather than reactive when planning for growth.

The A-LIGN Difference

A-LIGN customizes our compliance solutions on a case by case basis to streamline the audit process allowing our clients to have the peace of mind of improved security and reduced risk, along with the ease of working with a single provider.

A-LIGN’s goal is to exceed expectations on every level and help our clients overcome any security or compliance hurdle they may face. We use a company-wide approach to ensure our team of professionals perform at the highest possible standard, delivering the best quality in support.

“Part of our mission at A-LIGN is that we believe every client deserves the highest quality audit execution and deliverables. Therefore, we are universally committed and invested in our clients and their success for the future. By maximizing the long-term value of our audits, we can help our clients build a lasting infrastructure scalable for any lifecycle growth.” said Scott Price, CEO of A-LIGN.

When organizations improve their operations and facilitate strategic initiatives, executives can expand and develop their business thus diversifying and increasing their revenue streams.

If you would like to learn more about A-LIGN and how we can assist your organization in meeting your security, compliance, and privacy needs, please contact us at info@a-lign.com or 1-888-702-5446.


Work for It: Earning Our Clients’ Business

HandcuffedAuthor: Scot Thrower, Business Development Manager at A-LIGN.

Feeling stuck in a relationship with your current audit and security solutions provider? It doesn’t have to be that way! A-LIGN provides compliance solutions without multi-year contracts or strings attached. While other providers lock you into costly, multi-year contracts that may lead to legal issues if you are not satisfied, A-LIGN offers its services without multi-year contractual obligations while maintaining flat fixed fees over a three-year term.

Many of our clients have told us that one of the reasons they made the switch to A-LIGN is because we do not make them execute a multi-year contract.  Once you’re locked in, the provider may not feel the need to give your business 100% of their time, effort, and energy.  There’s little or no penalty for supplying your firm with late or sub-par work.  This shifts power into the hands of the provider, not you, the client.  A-LIGN does not require its clients to sign multi-year contracts because we want to earn your business for each and every engagement, year after year.

At A-LIGN, our goal is to relentlessly exceed the expectations of our clients.  Our team of audit and security professionals will strive to ensure the quality of the work performed goes beyond the necessary.  We aim to deliver a quality final report, on time, while minimizing the strain on your resources.  A-LIGN will be all in for you, year in and year out, without ever needing a multi-year contract to keep you as one of our valued clients.

A-LIGN Offers:

  • Excellent service without multi-year contractual obligations
  • Competitive, fixed-fee pricing that stay flat over a term of three years
  • Innovative solutions for the changing audit landscape
  • Top-notch and verifiable client satisfaction

If you are receiving anything less than exceptional service from your current provider, please call us at 888-702-5446 or email scot.thrower@a-lign.com