Strengthen Your Defense With Our Enhanced Cybersecurity Services

Learn More About Vulnerability Scanning, Automated Penetration Testing, and Subscription-Based Penetration Testing.

Cyber attacks, data leaks and hacking – they’re all topics that routinely make the news, and often for companies who had vulnerabilities that were exploited. Don’t let your organization be the next cautionary tale. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, A-LIGN offers a variety of enhanced cybersecurity offerings designed to supplement our end-to-end suite of audit and security services, including vulnerability assessments, automated penetration testing, and subscription-based penetration testing.

Vulnerability Scanning

A-LIGN’s penetration testing team has the experience and skills to analyze and validate the vulnerabilities in your environment. Our manual scanning services eliminate false positives in the scan results and can help you focus on the identified vulnerabilities that need to be taken care of immediately. A-LIGN’s automated scanning tools access computer systems, networks, and applications for weaknesses in the security program, helping you to prioritize the gaps that require remediation.

After a vulnerability assessment is completed, we provide you with a detailed report that outlines validated vulnerabilities within your organization, along with risk rankings and recommendations for remediation.

Automated Penetration Testing

Stay several steps ahead of the bad guys. Using systematic exploitation techniques, A-LIGN’s automated penetration testing services check the security of your system and identifies vulnerabilities – before hackers do. Automated penetration testing gives you the assessment, a report on vulnerabilities, and the list of exploits executed at a fraction of the cost of a traditional penetration test.

The benefits of automated penetration testing include:

  • Minimizing the vulnerabilities in your environment
  • Testing for new vulnerabilities after system changes
  • Providing penetration testing solutions while reducing the resources needed

Penetration testing helps organizations of all sizes, including ones that are dealing with high-risk data – as well as ones that are not. A-LIGN’s technical testing team has years of experience conducting penetration testing for businesses who are looking for a cost-effective solution to add an additional layer of cybersecurity defense.

Subscription-Based Penetration Testing

Businesses move at a rapid pace, and that means a lot of change. Whether you’re undergoing environmental changes, application introductions or regulation changes, A-LIGN’s subscription-based penetration testing offers tailor-made solutions based on your organization’s unique needs. Subscription-based penetration testing allows you and your organization to rest easy with peace of mind, on a schedule that you and your customers require.

With subscription-based penetration testing, organizations can reduce the risk involved with data breaches to their organization and schedule tests based on changes in their environment.

The A-LIGN Difference

Thanks to the addition of these services, A-LIGN continues to be the single resource for all your cybersecurity needs. With over 14 Fortune 500 clients served and a 94% rating for both client satisfaction and client retention, we’re poised to help you secure your defenses and prepare for the new threats you haven’t anticipated yet.

Are you ready to strengthen your organization’s defenses? Contact A-LIGN at 1-888-702-5446 to speak with one of our cybersecurity professionals.