[Webinar] Scammed: Defend Against Social Engineering Attacks

Social Engineering Webinar

A-LIGN, a nationwide security and compliance solutions firm, is committed to combatting cyberattacks that utilize social engineering. On March 1, A-LIGN Partner, Gene Geiger, will host a social engineering webinar called Scammed: Defend Against Social Engineering that will educate organizations on how to protect their employees and assets from social engineering attacks. As hackers become increasingly savvy at cracking accounts, organizations need to understand how to avoid becoming another target.

Gene Geiger, will lead this webinar by discussing the types of social engineering attacks that your organization could face, examples of recent social engineering attacks, and the different ways that your organization can protect itself from these attacks.

“Many organizations understand a small piece of social engineering attacks, especially with the prevalence of email phishing attacks. But a lot of these organizations are unprepared to handle phishing phone calls, or physical security breaches that can render their business compromised as well,” said Geiger.

Social Engineering Resources

Leading up to this webinar, A-LIGN has released a new social engineering webpage in order to help businesses understand the types of social engineering attacks. “Our goal with the webinar and new webpage is to give organizations a resource to better understand the different ways that a socially engineered attack can affect your business,” said Geiger.

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“We’re looking at the trends of where breaches are going and socially engineered attacks keep rising. We want to empower our clients and business partners to protect themselves through education and security audits, assessing potential security vulnerabilities through penetration testing and social engineering attacks,” said Managing Partner, Scott Price.

Breach trends indicate that cyberattacks will increase throughout 2017, and organizations should be prepared for these types of attacks. Understanding how to protect your business is the first step in preventing a breach.

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