The healthcare sector is regarded as one of the fastest evolving industries in the nation. This transformative environment is pushing organizations to provide unique solutions while handling new challenges. The drivers of this constant change can be attributed to the development of new services and jobs, an increase in regulations and policies surrounding healthcare, and the growing use of technology within the medical industry. This whitepaper highlights and discusses the evolving industry as it relates to data protection, information security risks, and regulatory obligations.

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With the release of HITRUST CSF v9 expected in late August/early September, A-LIGN Managing Consultant and HITRUST CCSFP, Blaise Wabo, will discuss the latest evolution of the HITRUST CSF. This update will feature a number of changes including the expansion of the framework and the ability to comply with NIST Cybersecurity Framework with this version.

In this webinar, Blaise will address the healthcare risk environment, citing the emerging trends and technologies that make standards like HITRUST necessary, review the incorporation with guidance such as the FFIEC Information Security Examination Handbook, and observe how HITRUST can be used to support regulatory need.

In this webinar, Blaise will:

  • Address the changes in HITRUST CSF v9 and how to prepare for those changes
  • Review the standards incorporated into v9 and discuss their value for organizations
  • Analyze the anticipated changes in HITRUST CSF v9.1 and how it will affect your business

HITRUST is the sum of multiple audit standards and serves as a comprehensive certification for those in the healthcare industry. A-LIGN President, Gene Geiger will explain what HITRUST is, how these overlapping standards fit together, and how leveraging current audits can reduce the time, money, and effort necessary to achieve HITRUST certification. Furthermore, Gene will discuss how to integrate HITRUST into your current compliance program.

Join Gene as he covers the following topics:

  • What is HITRUST and why was it created
  • How existing compliance standards and audits can serve as a basis for HITRUST certification
  • Leveraging HITRUST certification to meet multiple audit requirements
  • HITRUST certification and reporting options

At the core, HITRUST CSF (Common Security Framework) is built upon other standards and authoritative sources relevant to the healthcare industry, including ISO 27001, NIST SP 800-53, and HIPAA: Security, Breach and Privacy rules. In compiling these standards, HITRUST is able to align existing controls and requirements from standards, regulations, business and third-party requirements by incorporating compliance and risk management principles.

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HITRUST, or the Health Information Trust Alliance, was established to create a certifiable standard to approach regulatory compliance and risk. Healthcare currently faces strict regulatory needs, causing many challenges when considering the options for risk management and mitigation. In order to ease these challenges, utilizing HITRUST in healthcare can be implemented to minimize risk and alleviate healthcare pain points.

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