Since the beginning of 2018, organizations anticipated and put resources in place to understand the impact of the Internet of Things (IoTs), ransomware, blockchain, and other emerging technologies. However, 6 months into the year, have the top concerns changed? For an effective security and compliance strategy, organizations must continue to adapt to keep pace with this dynamic landscape.

Watch A-LIGN President, Gene Geiger, review the state of the forecasted trends in information security and analyze the top concerns for the second half of 2018.

Join Gene as he discusses the following topics:

  • Understanding the current landscape
  • Comparing security and compliance trends in 2017 and 2018
  • Discussing emerging trends, such as GDPR implementation, SSL removal, SOC 2 changes
  • Providing actionable steps to strengthen organization’s information security posture

A-LIGN CEO, Scott Price, and President, Gene Geiger, hosted a webinar in which they reviewed the security and compliance landscape in 2016, considered how new standards will affect your organization in the upcoming year, and prepare you to achieve compliance in 2017.

Join Scott and Gene as they cover the following topics:

  • What the changes to standards and methodologies were in 2016
  • The breach and compliance trends to expect in 2017
  • How to prepare your compliance action plan for the year ahead

Violence in the workplace has always been a concern for companies. With the dramatic rise of shooting incidents in the workplace over the last few years, companies are realizing that their current employee safety procedures have not kept up with the times. Your company most likely has procedures and drills for fires and tornadoes, but not for violent acts from employees. In this session, presenter James Green will teach you how to incorporate active shooter awareness into your life safety program.

Join James as he covers the following topics:

  • Understand the risks and possibility of an active shooter in your workplace
  • Legal and societal factors that an employer needs to consider
  • Receive tools on how to train your employees
  • Acquire insight on life safety blind spots you may currently have

President Gene Geiger hosts the A-LIGN Security Awareness Boot Camp! Our boot camp is designed to take viewers through rigorous course objectives that will strengthen their knowledge of information security and improve their reaction to potential threats.

Join Gene as he covers the following topics:

  • Information security issues
  • Security awareness
  • Implementation tips

In this webinar, A-LIGN Director, Gene Geiger, Senior Consultant Sara McLane, and Audit Liaison President, Jay Anthony will discuss how to determine the right security or compliance assessment for your organization, select the right audit firm that best fits your individual needs, prepare for a successful assessment, conduct an assessment with multiple audit considerations, leverage on-going status discussions regarding exceptions or potential issues, and handle future business considerations — while keeping compliance in mind.

Join Gene, Sara, and Jay as they cover the following topics:

  • Assessment overview and audit selection
  • Successful assessment preparation
  • Multiple audit considerations and exceptions
  • Future business considerations