Since the beginning of 2018, organizations anticipated and put resources in place to understand the impact of the Internet of Things (IoTs), ransomware, blockchain, and other emerging technologies. However, 6 months into the year, have the top concerns changed? For an effective security and compliance strategy, organizations must continue to adapt to keep pace with this dynamic landscape.

Watch A-LIGN President, Gene Geiger, review the state of the forecasted trends in information security and analyze the top concerns for the second half of 2018.

Join Gene as he discusses the following topics:

  • Understanding the current landscape
  • Comparing security and compliance trends in 2017 and 2018
  • Discussing emerging trends, such as GDPR implementation, SSL removal, SOC 2 changes
  • Providing actionable steps to strengthen organization’s information security posture

Our experienced assessors created The Ultimate Cyber Defense Guide to provide valuable insights to help organizations understand and navigate the digital landscape. Through identifying emerging trends, highlighting industry statistics, and providing preventative tips, organizations can begin strategizing and implementing effective cybersecurity.

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In our Cyber Defense Guide Part 2, our experienced assessors take a deeper look into breach statistics, review the types of social engineering and malware attacks, and provide actionable prevention tips.

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As we look at the breach landscape, it becomes apparent that continued education is necessary in order to protect information. In our Cyber Defense Guide Part 1, we discuss the cybersecurity landscape, the different types of hacks that your organization could face, and 10 actionable tips to prevent hacking in your organization.

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Do you and your employees know how to defend against social engineering? As hackers become increasingly savvy at breaking into accounts through social engineering, organizations need to better understand how to avoid becoming another target. A-LIGN President, Gene Geiger, provides examples of recent social engineering attacks, identifies the types of social engineering attacks that your organization could face, and discusses the different security assessments that your organization can conduct to protect your business.

Join Gene as he covers the following topics:

  • Examples of social engineering
  • Real-world case studies of successful social engineering attacks conducted by A-LIGN’s penetration testers
  • How to prevent social engineering attacks from being successful

Industry veteran and Vice President of Business Development at A-LIGN, Greg Johnson, hosted a webinar in which he addressed the data breach landscape, the top security vulnerabilities still present in today’s IT environments, and reviewed how your organization can avoid them.

Join Greg as he covers the following topics:

  • The current data breach environment
  • The common application and infrastructure vulnerabilities being found through penetration testing in web applications, payment processors, and business infrastructures
  • Prevention and remediation tips for the top vulnerabilities
  • Resources for data breach prevention

Data breaches are on the forefront of our minds as they occur with increased frequency and severity. From the theft of minimal information like email addresses to the full disclosure of social security and credit card numbers – data breaches can be disastrous for not only the victim organization but for an entire chain of affected entities. A-LIGN Managing Consultant and Lead Penetration Tester, Jeff Sweetwood will explain what a breach is, recent trends, and how to prepare your organization.

Join Jeff as he covers the following topics:

  • What is a breach and what are the different types of breaches that can occur?
  • What are the recent statistics and trends on recent breaches?
  • What do different standards (PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, etc.) require in the event of a breach?
  • How to prepare for a breach and test your response plan.

2014 was an eye-opener for all individuals using technology. The public and many corporations had to personally face the repercussions of the cybersecurity weaknesses throughout all technology. The whole world was watching this year as cyber attacks hit one after the other, arguably the worst cybersecurity incident happening in November to Sony Pictures Entertainment. Not as popular but certainly as devastating, Heartbleed was part of the worst vulnerabilities made public and possibly the worst vulnerability ever released.

In this Cybersecurity Defense Guide, Senior Consultant & Penetration Tester Marc Rubbinaccio details some of the cyber attacks of 2014 and the steps an organization can take to protect themselves from such attacks.

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President Gene Geiger hosts the A-LIGN Security Awareness Boot Camp! Our boot camp is designed to take viewers through rigorous course objectives that will strengthen their knowledge of information security and improve their reaction to potential threats.

Join Gene as he covers the following topics:

  • Information security issues
  • Security awareness
  • Implementation tips

Learning from the cybersecurity lessons and incidents of 2014, Gene Geiger, President at A-LIGN will host a webinar during which Marc Rubbinaccio, Senior Consultant at A-LIGN, will review the incidents, identify common themes and discuss how organizations can strengthen their information security.

Join Gene and Marc as they cover the following topics:

  • Questions for A-LIGN’s Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)
  • Preparing a secure foundation
  • Keys to an excellent InfoSec framework
  • Steps for continued success in 2015