A-LIGN’s Commitment to Quality

What does it mean to be committed to quality?

Through our quality assurance process and team, and accreditations, A-LIGN ensures that your organization receives a quality report that meets the guidelines set by the relevant audit standard. Our reports satisfy third-party inquiries and exceeds customer expectations by upholding the highest standard of work.

Our dedication to understanding our clients’ needs, their industry, and their customers, assures that you receive a report that meets your objectives.

Internationally Accredited

As one of the only firms in the world that is a licensed CPA firm, Qualified Security Assessor Company, HITRUST CSF assessor, accredited FedRAMP 3PAO, and ISO 27001 Certification Body, we are internationally accredited with the ability to provide your organization with the team and resources it needs to achieve compliance across the cybersecurity, cyber risk and privacy landscapes. Our ability to meet all of your compliance needs ensures that each deliverable meets the A-LIGN quality standard, while also building efficiencies in your organization’s audit program.

Our accreditations provide your vendors and customers the assurance that the appropriate information security infrastructure, policies, and procedures are in place at your organization – positioning your organization and its clients for success.

Third-Party Assessments & Reviews

Our accreditations require oversight from organizations such as the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB), American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), and the American Institute of CPAs’ (AICPA) Peer Review Program. In addition to the rigorous application process that evaluates the quality and competency of A-LIGN as an audit firm, A2LA performs annual onsite witness audits of A-LIGN. This annual audit evaluates the ongoing quality and competency of A-LIGN in its role as a 3PAO.

Additionally, A-LIGN regularly performs surprise inspections of workpapers and deliverables. This process includes a thorough workpaper review of a random sample of reports issued to ensure that our quality assurance procedures were properly followed. This review is conducted on a surprise basis to ensure A-LIGN’s auditors are performing at their highest standards.

Each step of the review process is designed with your organization’s needs in mind to ensure that we are consistently delivering the quality that your organizations and its clients expect.

Quality Control Team

Your organization deserves personnel that understand your business environment and can provide detailed guidance throughout the audit process. A-LIGN employs experienced personnel to understand and guide your organization through its compliance requirements, as well as your industry’s best practices.

We’ve built a team structure that allows audit professionals to focus on their work, while relying on our experienced reporting team to standardize and develop a consistent report. Our reporting team is specifically trained in A-LIGN’S standardized methodology, further ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality report. Every report, along with the supporting evidence and workpapers is reviewed by the Director of Quality and the management personnel managing the project.

To ensure your organization receives the deliverables it needs at the quality you expect, A-LIGN has developed a thorough pre-delivery audit report checklist, which every report is cross-referenced against to ensure completion and accuracy. This quality measure ensures that our clients can review the report and focus on its findings – rather than scrutinizing details and intricacies of the formatting.

Quality Assurance Score Card

We have implemented a semi-annual Quality Assurance Score Card program. On a semi-annual basis, the audits of every auditor are reviewed for specific quality measures defined on a quality assurance scorecard. These quality measures ensure all required planning, execution, and reporting documentation necessary for the successful completion of an audit is maintained and archived at the completion of the audit. Auditors are scored against the successful completion and archival of the applicable required documentation. Auditors who score 90% or higher on the Quality Assurance scorecard are paid a bonus, for each of the two reviewed audits.

Our quality control model was developed with our clients in mind, and an understanding that quality has a direct impact on our clients’ ability to move forward with confidence and success. Our model plays a significant factor in our client retention rate and our client experience score, averaging 4.6 out of 5. When choosing the right provider for your security and compliance needs, we strongly recommend inquiring about their quality measures and control model. Because at A-LIGN when it comes to your security and compliance objectives, quality is everything.

To learn more about our quality control procedures and the value A-LIGN offer, contact us at [email protected] or call 1-888-702-5446 to have our Director of Quality answer your questions.