A-LIGN Implements Center of Excellence Program to Improve Audit Experience

By: Scott Price, Managing Partner of A-LIGN

With the start of the new year, we introduce a new program: A-LIGN’s Center of Excellence (CoE), which was developed to build upon our strong client relationships and high quality service delivery.

In our efforts to continually improve upon our current assessments and reporting procedures, we are implementing the CoE program as a new tool to foster our growth and continued involvement within our clients’ industries along with remaining current on new and upcoming compliance needs. The program will enable us to proactively develop educational materials for our clients, explaining or outlining any updates or authoritative developments to current regulations, which may affect their business. A-LIGN is already an active participant within professional and trade associations, but the focus of the CoE program will allow A-LIGN personnel to participate in leadership roles both within professional and trade associations.

The CoE program will also have an impact on how our assessments are performed both internally and externally to further supplement our already established methodology. Our audit teams will suggest report modifications and recommendations based on their work and involvement throughout our various client industries. Our audit teams will be responsible for developing benchmark data to create value for our clients and compare industry data against our own audit results.

By developing the CoE program, A-LIGN is driving innovation and knowledge to our teams in the field, strengthening our core knowledge as new regulations and guidance is released, and keeping our customers current on all developments and regulations that may affect their business.