Leveraging Your Compliance Report

Compliance examination reports are more than an attestation of your commitment to quality and security; they can drive revenue, build client trust and position your organization as a cybersecurity leader in your industry.

Our team of security and compliance professionals has years of experience helping thousands of clients not only prepare for compliance examinations but also leverage their report to maximize the value of the examination. Below are our best tips on how to use the report to satisfy critical requests, as well as to grow your business.

Responding to Requests

As awareness of cybersecurity, data protection and compliance increases, you will likely find your clients requesting you undergo security questionnaires and security assessments. By completing compliance examinations, you can quickly and confidently reply with your report to demonstrate your commitment to both mitigating risk and protecting your clients’ data. The report and its contents will not only keep your business relationship running smoothly, but it will also differentiate your organization from your competitors.

Beyond adding an assessment report or certification to your company’s name, completing a report can result in a deliverable that saves time previously spent filling out countless security questionnaires.

You can prepare for client requests by completing the following:

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Building Trust with Clients and Business Partners

Whether your clients requested a compliance examination, or you decided to proactively pursue one, you now hold tangible proof that your clients were wise to align themselves with your organization. By undergoing a compliance examination annually, you’re providing assurance to your clients that you’re taking the steps to mitigate risk and can attest to the controls in place.

Ways for your organization to announce its accomplishment to clients and business partners:

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Building Trust with Potential Clients

It comes as no surprise that potential clients have a lot of choices globally when it comes to vendor partnerships. It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and differentiate your organization and its services.  Leveraging a competitive advantage that your business has can help win new clients.

As more organizations are expected to comply with specific security and compliance regulations, having a completed compliance report can be a major deciding factor during the vendor assessment and selection process. Use the following checklist to give your business a unique opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to compliance.

Add your compliance report logo to the following assets:

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Promote Your Accomplishment – Examples

Promoting your commitment to quality and compliance is made easy due to branded materials and iconography that is available to any organization that passed their examination.

AICPA logo


The AICPA’s SOC logo is a highly recognizable icon for organizations to show that they are SOC-compliant. Because of the logo’s important reputation, it can only be displayed on websites or other marketing collateral of an organization who passed their SOC examination for a period of twelve months.

FedRAMP logo

Cloud Services Providers (CSP)

Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) that have achieved FedRAMP security compliance can use a FedRAMP icon on their website. FedRAMP requires that CSPs have an independent assessment performed by an Accredited FedRAMP 3PAO and have their completed security package available for Federal Agency leveraging within the FedRAMP secure repository.

This is Just the Beginning

Perhaps you’ll think of another clever way to promote your compliance report not listed here (and if so, please share your story with us). The sky is the limit when it comes to thinking of ways to highlight your achievement, but what’s important is that you leverage your report to continue working for you long after you’ve earned it.


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