Introducing APEX: A-LIGN’s ALTA Best Practices Examination

A-LIGN, a nationwide security and compliance solutions firms, has recently renamed its existing ALTA Best Practices Examination to APEX Best Practices. As an American Land Title Association (ALTA) Elite Provider, A-LIGN is dedicated to being an ally to those in the real estate, title, and loan processing industries.

“As a firm, A-LIGN is trying to help each and every organization reach the apex of compliance. To us, rebranding our existing ALTA Best Practices Examination to APEX really helps solidify the idea that by meeting ALTA’s guidelines, your firm is truly reaching the pinnacle of compliance success,” said Managing Partner, Scott Price.

In order to set up organizations for success, A-LIGN offers free ALTA Best Practices gap assessments. These assessments assist title companies in ensuring readiness prior to the actual audit/examination.

“We are introducing a new look to our existing examination certification seal with the introduction of APEX, our rebranded ALTA Best Practices Assessment,” states A-LIGN Managing Consultant, Blaise Wabo. “While the seal has changed, the dedication to our clients and quality of service will remain the same. We wanted to streamline the idea behind our existing Best Practices Examination to give our clients a better understanding of where we want them to be — at the apex of compliance.”

With APEX, companies can still rest comfortably knowing that A-LIGN’s professionals will continue to:

  • Utilize their expert knowledge of ALTA Best Practices to review an organization’s policy and procedure documents.
  • Make management and personnel inquiries to determine assessment procedures that meet the ALTA Best Practices.
  • Determine assessment procedures that do not meet the ALTA Best Practices and the remediation steps to implement for compliance.
  • Provide a diagnostic report with detailed recommendations.

“Our mission is dedication, and we truly believe that the alliances that we build make it possible for our clients to reach their goals. We want to help them climb any hurdles that they may face with regard to security and compliance so that they can make it to the peak,” said Price.

Is your organization ready to complete their free APEX Best Practices Gap Assessment? Contact the professionals at A-LIGN at [email protected] or call 1-888-702-5446.