How A-LIGN Helped vXchnge Achieve Data Center Compliance

Data center compliance is important for organizations that manage confidential customer data, given the sensitivity of the information disclosed and the fact that today’s hackers are not easily deterred.

As a national colocation firm, vXchnge required an auditor that could help them manage the volume of locations under their supervision, as well as the numerous standards required by customers across multiple service lines. A-LIGN, with our years of experience across numerous compliance audits, best fit vXchnge’s needs.

In our case study whitepaper, we explore:

  • Why vXchnge wanted to achieve compliance and enhance their cybersecurity
  • The process A-LIGN took to meet these privacy requirements
  • The importance of data center compliance
  • How to know if your organization is ready to achieve this certification

Download the case study today to better understand why data center compliance is vital to a modern organization’s continued success.