Hack Harder™: Going Beyond Highs, Mediums and Lows

Penetration tests have always been confused with vulnerability scans, but even penetration tests vary greatly, and it can be difficult for an organization to determine whether they’re getting a quality test. Poor penetration tests are often the result of focusing on systems and vulnerabilities instead of the target organization. A-LIGN’s goal-driven approach combined with a mantra of “hack harder” ensures that our clients get more than just a simple listing of high, medium, and low flaws. A-LIGN strives to identify and demonstrate major business risks before they end up in the headlines.

We Hack Harder

Penetration tests are increasingly misguided by placing a focus on IP addresses, network ranges, and URLs rather than the organization. This behavior causes penetration testing engagements to lose sight of their purpose, which is to simulate realistic attacks and, through those simulations, discover risks that impact the business.

By emphasizing the human aspect of attacking in conjunction with the tools used to compromise an organization, our penetration tests can prove the risks of poor cybersecurity by targeting key personal data, financial information, and even showing the impact of money lost through an attack.

Our penetration testers use state of the art hacking methods found in real-world incidents to best prepare our clients for the current threat landscape. Our aim to go beyond a routine test and create real-life usability for our clients. When we identify a vulnerability, we challenge ourselves to “hack harder” and show exactly what risk that vulnerability might have for a specific organization.

Partnering for Success

We are invested in the success of our clients and therefore steer away from only using tool-based reports. Each report is created by a member of the penetration testing team to ensure that every engagement adds value to our clients.

By hacking harder and adding the human element, we’re not just identifying vulnerabilities with a check-the-box report but working with and helping our clients truly understand their current security posture.  Furthermore, our penetration testing team offers consultative recommendations for remediating vulnerabilities or gaps.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Approach

Our goal is to holistically improve security our client’s security environment and remediating potential exploitations.

Therefore, A-LIGN has expanded our cybersecurity offerings to include:

Having a comprehensive cybersecurity approach means testing every facet of your environment to help avoid missing any vulnerability or threat. We hack harder to ensure that our clients are protected with the help of our cybersecurity team.

Are you ready to conduct a penetration test on your organization? Contact A-LIGN at 1-888-702-5446 to speak with one of our penetration testing professionals.