FedRAMP Releases Updated Logo & FedRAMP Forward


FedRAMPSM has released their newly redesigned logo in coordination with the release of “FedRAMP Forward: 2 Year Priorities.”  FedRAMP is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.  


It is intended to save cost, time and staff needed to conduct agency security assessments.  Some of the major benefits of FedRAMP include:

  • Providing a uniform approach to risk-based security management
  • Enhancing transparency between government and cloud service providers
  • Improving the trustworthiness, reliability, consistency, and quality of the Federal security authorization process

FedRAMP updates their logo to give it a modern and fresh look

Accredited 3PAOs can still use the previously approved logos but are highly encouraged to update any existing and future materials with the new logo.  One of the biggest benefits is that there will no longer be unique logos for different authorization paths.  All organizations will now use this one standard FedRAMP logo in order to unify the program as a whole.  

To download the FedRAMP logo branding guide which outlines specification for utilizing the logo, click here.

“FedRAMP Forward: 2 Year Priorities” was released along with the new logo to share key objectives, continue to expand and enhance the program effectively and address key program issues critical to FedRAMP’s continued success.  Over the next two years, FedRAMP Forward will focus on: 

  • Increased stakeholder engagement to  more fully realize the benefits of FedRAMP across the government
  • Improving efficiencies for faster processing and fewer hurdles
  • Continuing to adapt to the evolving cybersecurity landscape

These goals and key issues have been translated into a roadmap with deliverables roughly every six months.  This roadmap can be found in the full document which is linked above.  With a new logo and FedRAMP Forward’s two year plan, FedRAMP is looking to create one standardized program that engages stakeholders, helps them understand FedRAMP better, optimizes utilization of stakeholder resources and continually evolves.

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Matt Goodrich, FedRAMP Director