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Nickson Jean Baptiste

Employees at A-LIGN take many different paths – that’s why we spent time sitting down with Staff Consultant and IT Auditor, Nickson Jean Baptiste, to discuss his desire to innovate constantly and provide support to his clients at A-LIGN.

What excites you the most about being an A-LIGN Staff Consultant and IT Auditor?

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside amazing clients and different environments, which has helped grow my IT knowledge. Technology continues to excite me, because of how I’ve witnessed it benefit our clients and change the industry.

What motivates you to get up and come to work every day?

The flexibility my position offers is unrivaled. Having the ability to work from home means I can work from anywhere. On occasion, I enjoy working from my family’s house – and after working all day it’s nice to spend time with my friends and family. My mother is one of my greatest inspirations because I know how much work she put in to help me get to where I am today. She loves to see that I’m on the right path and making good life decisions.

What is something you wish other people knew about A-LIGN?

The culture at A-LIGN is great and offers a positive environment to grow your own career. It’s an important detail I’ve been sharing through our recruiting efforts at Florida State University. For the past two semesters, I’ve met with potential new hires to provide an overview of my role with A-LIGN and my first-hand experiences. A-LIGN offers an environment conductive to and provides mentors to help guide all facets of my career.

What is your personal motto/mantra?

“The more knowledge you gain, the more endless it seems.” Now, I find it easy to overcome those obstacles and better assist our clients with the knowledge I’ve gained.

What is something you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t gotten around to doing yet?

What has caught my interest more than anything has been cooking and trying world-renowned foods. Traveling with A-LIGN has been a great learning experience with some adventure mixed in. I try to explore the cities I travel to when time permits, as I believe we all should with the variety of interesting places we work in. I’ve yet to try Chicago-style pizza, but now I have a point of comparison after trying Julianna’s in New York.

What is one way you’ve utilized A-LIGN’s core values to achieve greater success?

One of A-LIGN’s core values is ‘innovate constantly’ and it’s something I’ve taken to heart. Wherever possible, I try to find effective workarounds for challenges.

For example, I enjoy playing video games in my free time and my gaming mouse always has six different macros assigned to it, which allows me to enter keyboard commands automatically. I’ve been able to use a similar strategy when working on documents to be more efficient with my time. I also started traveling with a second monitor to serve two purposes; it provides me more screen real-estate, but it also works well as a client-facing screen that helps me to better connect with them when I’m on-site.

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