Featured CLIMBER:
Blaise Wabo

Employees at A-LIGN take many different paths – that’s why we spent time sitting down with Senior Manager, Blaise Wabo, to talk about his path from Douala, Cameroon, Africa, to his continued climb to the top with A-LIGN as a Senior Manager.blaise-wabo-featured-climber

Blaise serves as a Senior Manager, with a focus on HITRUST certifications, SOC 1 and SOC 2 examinations, and HIPAA audits. Blaise is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), HITRUST CSF Certified Practitioner, and holds a Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK).

Where are you from?

I was originally born in Douala, Cameroon, but I currently reside in Dallas, Texas.

What is your role at A-LIGN?

As a Senior Manager, I manage people and work to teach and develop them. Predominately, I work with Senior and Staff Consultants to ensure that they understand the client’s environment, the controls and standards that need to be tested, and help ensure that the client remains happy throughout the audit process.

What school did you attend? What did you major in?

I attended both Grambling and Louisiana Tech. I majored in Accounting and Computer Information Systems.

My dad was a CPA with his own tax practice, so majoring in Accounting was my dad’s condition to send us to the United States to study and pay for our education.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work each day?

I work with a great staff, and being able to transfer knowledge to Staff and Seniors and watch them grow as they continue to learn and become managers brings me a huge amount of satisfaction.

Additionally, I’m motivated by doing everything that I can to ensure that the client is happy. I try to constantly ensure that their environment’s security is improved by recommending more robust controls to continue to go above and beyond the client’s expectation.

What is the most valuable lesson that you have learned at A-LIGN?

I have worked with this firm for more than 5 years, moving up from a Senior Consultant, to a Managing Consultant, and now working in a Senior Manager role.

When I first started, I worked directly with the CEO, Scott Price, and President, Gene Geiger. In that time working directly with them, I learned how to work proactively with the clients, set expectations, and the importance of ensuring their happiness through communication and responsiveness.

What is something about you that most people don’t know?

I am an avid reader, I play percussion, and I am an excellent cook.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I think the most rewarding part is the relationship with senior management. I can call them whenever I need something and have a personal relationship with them and their families. After working with A-LIGN for 5 years, they have become an extended family to me.

What is your motto/personal mantra?

My personal mission statement is to be a trailblazer for my generation by serving and influencing my family, my community, the marketplace, and the nation to become a better version of themselves.

How has A-LIGN helped you in your career development?

A-LIGN has taught me how to be a better leader, in my progress from Senior Auditor to Senior Manager. I have improved at leading and teaching people.

Additionally, prior to coming to A-LIGN I had no certifications, and now I have 4 certifications. This company has encouraged me to stick on the path to achieve those certifications as well.

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