Featured CLIMBER:
Alexis Scarborough

CLIMBERS at A-LIGN take many different paths throughout their journey. Committing to the highest standards in your work and our organization is celebrated through our annual value awards at CLIMB, A-LIGN’s annual teambuilding and training event. This year, Alexis Scarborough is the winner of the “Commit to Quality” award. We spoke with Alexis about her journey at A-LIGN, what she has learned in her tenure and how it felt to be recognized for her contributions.


Where are you from? How did your journey at A-LIGN begin?

I am originally from New Jersey and graduated from James Madison University in Virginia with a degree in Business Management. In starting my journey at A-LIGN, someone from talent acquisition reached out to me about an opportunity. I researched A-LIGN and discovered how quickly the company was growing in an expanding market. I have been with A-LIGN for two and a half years, starting as Quality Assurance (QA) and now I am Manager of the Reporting & QA Department.

What has changed during your time at A-LIGN?

The size of our organization. We have more than doubled in size. It’s exciting to see where we came from, where we are now, and where we are going. The growth that A-LIGN has experienced while working here is something that makes our organization attractive for job seekers and something, I’m proud to be part of. And even as we continue to grow, A-LIGN continues to show me how they appreciate me as a person and employee.

Tell me about your role at A-LIGN.

I am the Manager of the Reporting & QA Department. I make sure, that as a team, we promote and ensure A-LIGN’s commitment to quality through ongoing report review and quality assurance, continuous development and improvement of A-LIGN’s methodology, maintenance and control of standardized audit documents and the execution of mandatory accreditation reviews. It’s very important to make sure we have our procedures in place as we continue to expand our department, and important for me to see how I can support my team in the process as their Manager.

Alexis ScarboroughHow did it feel to receive the “Commit to Quality” award?

I was completely shocked! I was sitting in the back of the ballroom when they began reading the accomplishments of the winner and instantly knew by the description it was me. When my name was called, a rush of butterflies flew into my stomach and the first thing I thought of was, “How am I going to get to the stage from all the way back here?”

I am very grateful and appreciative to have been recognized at CLIMB. I wouldn’t have been nominated, had it not been for my team. This award isn’t just a “me” thing, it’s a “we” thing.

If you could describe A-LIGN in one word, what would that be?


I believe the services we offer and our internal efforts as an organization, while they may be standard in other practices, are cutting edge. A-LIGN offers its employees great benefits, like flexible PTO, a great bonus structure, and they even pay you for taking time off from work! I have always felt that my time at work and home are equally valued.

What is one thing people may not know about you?

I worked at Walt Disney World as a participant in the Disney College Program!

I loved the Hospitality Industry and worked Front Desk and Lobby Concierge at Disney’s Port Orleans Resorts. Once I graduated from college, I returned to Florida and worked at the Saratoga Springs Disney Vacation Club Preview Center as a Professional Intern.

What do you do for fun outside of A-LIGN?

My fiancé and I stay busy with our four dogs: Chloe, Layla, Shadow and Rori. We also enjoy going to beer festivals and traveling in general, my favorite place being back home to the Jersey Shore, specifically Long Beach Island. If I could rent a beach house there every summer, that would be amazing. If there was one place I had to pick to travel to, that I haven’t been to before, it would be Thailand!

What is your motto/personal mantra?

“Never, never, never give up.” My dad has told me that Winston Churchill quote since I was little, and I’ve carried with me ever since.

What’s the most rewarding part about working for A-LIGN?

The most rewarding part of my job is having the opportunity to expand my team. When I started, we had three Reporting Specialists and two QA Specialists. Since becoming the manager of the department, I have been able to almost double the size of my team. Continuing to deliver quality work and watching my team grow in the process is very rewarding. I feel like we all have learned how our relationships help us along the way, allowing me to grow as a manager and mentor. It’s been a wild ride!

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned at A-LIGN?

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned with A-LIGN is relationships are key. Working collaboratively, and in the best interests of the company, drives the best outcome for not only each person but the company overall. You must make sure you take risks and put yourself out there. Be a sponge. Get to know as many people as you can, learn as much as you can, and take advantage of every opportunity you possibly can. The only person/thing stopping you from moving mountains is you.


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