Denver Blockchain Week and Global Blockchain Summit Recap

Gene Geiger, Chief Technology Officer at A-LIGN, recently presented on blockchain security at Global Blockchain Summit following a blockchain networking event hosted by A-LIGN in conjunction with Denver Blockchain Week Sept. 30 through Oct. 4 in Denver, CO.

Denver Blockchain Week

Denver Blockchain Week is an annual event that celebrates the uses and potential of blockchain by bringing innovators, experts and those who wish to learn about the technology together. The weeklong celebration features blockchain-focused events leading up to Global Blockchain Summit.

Gene visited Denver during Denver Blockchain Week to meet with other cybersecurity professionals to discuss the potential blockchain has to securely manage data, saying organizations should educate themselves about the technology and understand its impact on the industry.

Gene and the Denver A-LIGN team welcomed Global Blockchain Summit attendees to the company’s Denver office for a blockchain networking event and happy hour on Oct. 2.

Denver Blockchain Week and Global Blockchain Summit Recap

Global Blockchain Summit

Global Blockchain Summit wraps up Denver Blockchain Week and allows experts from across the country to learn about blockchain’s current and future applications while sharing trends and insights with newcomers interested in learning about the emerging technology’s backstory.

Gene presented at the summit on Oct. 3, sharing the history of blockchain, current and future use cases and highlighted blockchain’s impact on information technology controls. Watch his full presentation, “New Tech, New Threats: Understanding the Security of Blockchain,” below.


If you would like to connect with Gene regarding his presentation, please reach out to [email protected]. Visit Global Blockchain Summit online for more information.