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The security of your information systems can anchor your place at the top or drop you down the slope. Data breaches continue to dramatically increase in both size and impact. Penetration testing is designed to assess the security posture of the technologies and systems in place at your organization to ensure your organization’s data is protected. At A-LIGN we have OSCP, OSCE and OSWP Certified Testers ready to help with any of your Penetrating Testing needs.

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Network Layer Testing

Network penetration testing can be performed using a comprehensive (host-by-host, port-by-port) or a targeted (goal-driven) approach.


Mobile Application Testing  

A-LIGN leverages innovative tooling and years of professional experience to capture traffic, analyze the code base, and exploit weaknesses and misconfigurations found in iOS, Android, and Windows-based applications.

Web Application Testing 

A-LIGN profiles and targets weaknesses that are inherent in the development of proprietary and custom web applications. A-LIGN’s web application testing includes an in-depth manual review of vulnerabilities designated in the OWASP Top 10 and the SANS Top 20.


Wireless Network Testing

A-LIGN can perform a detailed analysis of an organization’s wireless infrastructure and its’ client base using innovative tooling and proprietary tactics.

Remote Social Engineering

A-LIGN can evaluate user awareness and organizational security controls through spear-phishing and phone pre-texting tactics.

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Facility Penetration Testing

Whether you want to assess your organization’s susceptibility to advanced entry tactics or simply want to evaluate employee security awareness, A-LIGN can build a customized assessment to meet your intent or business requirement.

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