Don’t Undergo an Audit or Assessment Before Reading This Guide

Cybersecurity examinations are an important undertaking for your organization, its health and projected future. With no shortage of firms and examination types to choose from, preparing to undergo an audit or assessment can feel like a massive undertaking. Is the firm cutting corners reliable? Is the accessor able to deliver on their lofty promises? And how can you tell if they’re providing quality work?

These questions and concerns are the reason why we put together the Cybersecurity Audit Buyer’s Guide. Inside, we give you inside tips for attaining a high-quality product and cover topics including:

  • Why it’s important for the firm to be licensed
  • How to tell if the firm is properly staffed and qualified
  • Why you should verify that auditors respond within 24 hours
  • The importance of premium auditing software
  • Why you should review a firm’s audits and assessments

The last thing you want is for your hard work and time to result in a substandard audit that leaves you or your clients unsatisfied. Regardless of which firm you choose to complete your cybersecurity examination, prepare yourself by downloading and reviewing the Cybersecurity Audit Buyer’s Guide today.