Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment

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Do you know your organization’s operational and information security risks, and how to minimize those risks? Through A-LIGN’s risk assessment services, our team will identify and rank the risks within your organization so that your leadership can make it to the top, knowing that risks are being effectively managed.

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About Our Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment Services

Risk assessments are critical tool for management to use to make informed decision regarding the organization’s risk.  In addition to meeting regulatory and contractual requirements, the results of an enterprise-wide risk assessment guides the implementation of additional controls to protect your organization from threats.  Utilizing A-LIGN’s internally developed approach, our team gains a detailed understanding of your business processes and information technology to provide you with customized risk analysis and recommendations.


System Risk Assessments

A-LIGN can help your organization conduct the risk assessment through our 9-step approach based on NIST SP 800-30:

  1. System Characterization
  2. Threat Identification
  3. Vulnerability Identification
  4. Control Analysis
  5. Likelihood Determination
  6. Impact Analysis
  7. Risk Determination
  8. Control Recommendations
  9. Results Documentation

Enterprise Risk Assessments

For organizations that desire a comprehensive risk assessment offering, A-LIGN offers enterprise-wide risk assessments. In addition to the 9-step process outlined above, A-LIGN implements a four-phased approach:

  1. Develop an understanding of the company’s environment and business processes
  2. Identify key risk exposure based on the company profile
  3. Conduct risk assessment
  4. Evaluate risk assessment results with senior management to develop risk mitigation strategy

Upon completion of the risk assessment, A-LIGN will provide a Risk Assessment Report, which provides an in-depth analysis of the assessment performed, as well as a detailed risk matrix.

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