Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Assessment

Protect your fall with business continuity and disaster recovery services

Don't let a business interruption result in a costly slip up. Business continuity (BCP) and disaster recovery plans (DRP) are used to prepare for potentially disruptive incidents and ensure that your business can minimize the negative effects of those events. A-LIGN can test your plan to ensure that an incident doesn't turn into an avalanche of financial and reputational penalties.

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About Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

A BCP/DRP considers the potential impact of a disaster or interruption to the business processes or technology infrastructure and defines the resources and steps to recover. By following a well-documented and tested plan, an organization can resume system and business process based on the critically of those systems.

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BCP/DRP Assessment

After understanding your unique business processes and technologies in place, our assessors will review the documented BCP and/or DRP for compliance with industry best practices and published standards.  A-LIGN will then issue a report analyzing your BCP/DRP, identify gaps and offer guidance to remediate those gaps.

BCP/DRP Tabletop Testing

Tabletop testing evaluates the BCP/DRP by walking through a specific incident or event, such as an earthquake, and applying the existing BCP/DRP to the scenario.  Individuals will share their responses and action steps to the incident based on the BCP/DRP.  A-LIGN will report on the results and provide recommendations to improve your organization’s response to real-world events.

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