ISAE 3000 Assessment

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with ISAE 3000

ISAE 3000 is an international attestation standard that allows organizations with an international presence to receive a report based upon a recognized, international assurance standard. Unlike ISAE 3402 reporting, an ISAE 3000 report provides assurance for organizations that do not impact the internal controls of their customers’ financial reporting.

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ISAE 3000 Type 1 Report

Get to the top with a Type 1 report. A Type 1 report provides your clients who have international requirements with a report that provides assurances on the design of your controls relative to their impact on non-financial information.

Your Reporting Options

ISAE 3000 Type 2 Report

Type 2 reports contain the same information as a Type 1 while adding in the opinion of the effectiveness of the controls, as related to the control objectives, as well as descriptions and results of the auditor’s tests over a period of time.

Add ISAE 3000 to SOC 2

Looking to meet international and U.S. customers’ requirements at once? Consider integrating ISAE 3000 to your SOC 2 report to elevate its ability to meet customer requirements without adding extra work to your team.

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