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FedRAMP Authorization

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) serves to increase confidence in the security of cloud service providers (CSPs) utilized by the federal government. As an accredited FedRAMP third-party assessment organization (3PAO), A-LIGN has the qualifications to help your organization reach its FedRAMP goals. Let A-LIGN partner with you on your path to compliance.

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Want to receive FedRAMP Ready status? The Readiness Assessment Report (RAR) is a review of a CSP’s environment that determines if the environment is technically capable of meeting the FedRAMP requirements. This is a required step if the CSP is pursuing Joint Authorization Board (JAB) provisional authorization to operate (P-ATO). If pursuing authorization to operate (ATO) through a Federal Agency, it may also be required by the Agency.

FedRAMP Program Assistance

Before a CSP can begin the authorization process, they must implement the appropriate FedRAMP controls. A-LIGN can assist CSPs with the completion of the required documentation and with the design of controls, reducing the time it takes to achieve the P-ATO or ATO and the impact FedRAMP authorization has on your organization.

FedRAMP Pre-Assessment

A-LIGN offers a FedRAMP pre-assessment to assist organizations in benchmarking the CSP’s current environment against the FedRAMP requirements, to determine if the CSP is prepared for the assessment and to allow the CSP to address known issues before beginning the assessment.

FedRAMP Security Assessment

As an accredited FedRAMP 3PAO, A-LIGN offers FedRAMP security assessments to determine the CSP’s ability to comply with the rigorous FedRAMP requirements. A-LIGN has successfully helped organizations achieve both FedRAMP Ready status and authorization.

FedRAMP Consulting

A-LIGN’s independent team of FedRAMP advisors can help your organization prepare for your upcoming FedRAMP assessment and authorization. Our advisory services include assistance with the implementation of appropriate controls, providing your organization with assistance on the path to FedRAMP authorization, while providing advice from experienced FedRAMP assessors.

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I would like to thank [A-LIGN] and [their] staff for the great service A-LIGN has provided KeyPoint on our recent FISMA audits. A-LIGN has been truly a great partner with the flexibility [of] getting staff on site to meet our customer requirements.”

– KeyPoint Government Solutions