Compliance Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Every October during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we show you why cybersecurity is vital to protecting your organization from outside threats – but that’s only one side of the coin when it comes to defense. The other vital aspect is compliance examinations. Compliance may sound like a scary, intimidating word. For many, “compliance” implies rigid conformity along with a lot of taxing work. While achieving compliance does take effort and preparation, it’s not the terrifying burden you might think. In fact, when bundled with a strong cyber defense plan, a compliance assessment (such as a SOC 1 compliance report) can help your organization learn to recognize potential threats, mitigate disaster when it arrives as your doorstep, give you peace of mind and attract new clients.

How Compliance Works with Cybersecurity

Think of your organization like a castle with your customers’ information stored safely inside. Cybersecurity helps to protect the castle from invaders trying to access the networks, programs, systems and data, and is the last line of defense keeping invaders from storming the gates.

Compliance examinations are like building a moat, performing castle maintenance and fortifying other defenses to identify and prevent invaders before they get to the gate. Security compliance frameworks test an organization’s systems and controls to ensure they’re running effectively and can weather possible disruptions – from data breaches to external threats like storms or power outages.

By continually monitoring the castle’s defenses through compliance examinations, combined with a strengthening the gate’s defense to repel the few invaders who slipped through, you can rest easy at night and demonstrate to your clients that their data is safe.

While some organizations wait for a client request to undergo a compliance examination, more and more businesses are taking a proactive approach and undergoing examinations to mitigate the likelihood of being the next cautionary tale on the nightly news. Further, organizations in competitive industries have found that completing compliance examinations have given them the tools to stand out from the pack and attract larger and more prestigious clients.

The Many Paths to Compliance

Compliance examinations differ based on an organization’s size, industry and needs. Here are just a few of the popular compliance examinations for businesses:


Also known as an SSAE 18, this examination looks at the controls of an organization that are relevant to an end user’s financial reporting.


An examination that reviews the controls of an organization that are relevant to an end user’s security, confidentiality, availability, processing integrity and privacy.

SOC for Cybersecurity

A flexible framework that allows organizations in any industry to take a proactive approach cybersecurity risk management.

ISO 9001

A framework that looks at an organization’s quality management system to identify and certify the key systems that will maintain and improve the quality of the in-scope processes.

ISO 22301

A framework for organizations to plan, establish, monitor, review, maintain and continuously improve the business management system to prevent and minimize disruptive incidents.

ISO 27001

A framework for the implementation, management and maintenance of security within a company to provide assurance regarding the security of a system.


A comprehensive framework for healthcare organizations to manage regulatory compliance and risk management.

How A-LIGN Can Help

Compliance needs for any organization change as they continue to grow and evolve. A-LIGN can not only help you determine the correct compliance examination for you and your business, we’ll be with you every step of the way – including your future needs. Our partnership is designed to build a roadmap for your organization’s compliance needs, giving you the information necessary to adjust to shifting demands and expectations as you continue to expand.

Are you ready to secure the castle by combining compliance and cybersecurity?
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