A-LIGN Employees Virtually Connect for the Second Year in 6th Annual CLIMB Team Building Event

350+ A-LIGN employees (CLIMBERS) connected virtually for our annual summer training event, CLIMB 2021COMMITMENT. This event connects CLIMBERS from across the globe and ignites the momentum and commitment needed to help us achieve our full potential. 

Continuing to take safety measures due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, CLIMB was virtual for the second consecutive year with plans to resume in-person in 2022.  The CLIMB team worked relentlessly to connect CLIMBERS and bring excitement to the comfort and safety of everyone’s homes, making our second virtual CLIMB a successful and engaging companywide event.

Commitment CLIMB 2021


CLIMBERS prepared for this year’s CLIMB by connecting through various engagement activities.  In the days leading up to CLIMB Commitment, employees were able to participate in a “self-care” Pure Barre class, join Scott Price, A-LIGN’s CEO, for coffee, and play an Emoji Game against other CLIMBERS. 

CLIMBERS also used Yammer, A-LIGN’s internal social networking site, to stay connected and engage with each other. Using #CLIMBCommitment, they connected virtually to share pictures of their pets, hobbies, and favorite travel destinations. The executive team also shared a series of videos, uncovering a behind-the-scenes look into how they commit in their daily lives. A spirit week wrapped up the countdown to CLIMB with themed days, including a Bring Your Pet to Work Day, ‘I’d Rather Be’ Day, Wanderlust Wednesday, Showcase Your A-LIGN Swag, and more! 

gaming group

Theme Parks BOF

Building a Forward-Facing Future: Training and Teambuilding

The two-day training event featured ways CLIMBERS can enhance their skills and ability to better help serve the needs of our clients. Topics covered general business updates, a teambuilding “codebreak” activity and two learning sessions- a leadership workshop and financial/retirement planning.  CLIMBERs also had the option of joining a “U.S. Geo-locations” group to meet others located in their area and a “Birds of a Feather” group to meet other CLIMBERS who shared the same interests or hobbies. 

This year’s keynote speaker, Ben Saunders, concluded the general session by sharing his incredible story about commitment, perseverance and self-belief through unimaginable circumstances.  Saunders holds the world record for the longest-ever polar journey on foot (108 days), a feat of endurance that defeated and claimed the lives of many men a century ago. 

CLIMB Commit, Richard George

During CLIMB Commit, Richard George, President of Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay, presented with several students from Hillsborough County Public Schools who participate in 3DE by Junior Achievement.  The students spoke to how they utilize technology and real-world application to think about education in a different way.  A-LIGN has partnered with 3DE by Junior Achievement, bringing relevant, engaging, and authentically-connected learning to students. Learning how the students have excelled and their plans for the future was inspiring.


A-LIGN’s Annual CLIMB Value Awards

A-LIGN’s core values are an integral part of the framework that makes our guiding principles of passion, perseverance and grit so unique. They define every aspect of each path we take to do business, collaborate with colleagues and carry ourselves in our personal lives. 

Over 135 nominations were submitted for CLIMBERS across each division and around the globe – showing the widespread commitment to A-LIGN’s core values. 

Scott with value awards

Congratulations to A-LIGN’s 2021 Award Winners!  

Value: Be All In: No matter what. Always. Unconditionally. We commit fully and engage fully so that together, we can succeed. Build by grit, passion and perseverance – we give 100%. We can achieve more together when everyone commits. 

Congratulations to Alex Rolfsen, Manager of Strategic Accounts, the 2021 “Be All In” award recipient.

Alex Rolfsen

Value: Commit to Quality: Level of service is part of our identity. Each member of our team commits to the highest standards. 

Congratulations to Alex Welsh, Associate Manager of Service Delivery, the 2021 “Commit to Quality” award recipient.

Alex Welsh

Value: Do the Right Thing, Always: Integrity is everything. Fueled by accountability, we take an honest and transparent approach to every opportunity we encounter. 

Congratulations to Alexander Milchev, Associate Manager of Service Delivery, the 2021 “Do The Right Thing, Always” award recipient. 

Alexander Milchev

Value: Innovate Constantly:  We challenge every team member to continue pushing themselves. We encourage ideas and value teamwork during every step of the way. 

Congratulations to Andrew Houshian, Director of Service Delivery Operations, the 2021 “Innovate Constantly” award recipient! 

Andrew Houshian

Todd Skinner Award: Todd Skinner was an accomplished alpinist known for his dangerous ascents and his optimistic books that encourage everyone to tackle the mountains in their own lives. At A-LIGN we implement Todd’s wisdom in everything we do from reaching to meet our annual sales goal to launching new innovative technology. 

A-LIGN’s 2021 Todd Skinner Award recipient embodies and lives all four of our Core Values. She is known for going the extra mile to help her team and clients. Through her attention to detail and commitment to A-LIGN, she goes the extra mile with each project to ensure the quality of candidates sourced are 110%. 

Congratulations to Nina Knight, Sr. Talent Acquisition Professional, the 2021 “Todd Skinner Award” recipient. 

Nina Knight

For more information about A-LIGN’s CLIMB training and team building event, please email us at [email protected].  Interested in joining the team and becoming a CLIMBER? Check out our careers page!