Value Awards Nomination

Nominate the employee that you think best embodies A-LIGN's values

The A-LIGN value award program is intended for individuals who exceptionally demonstrate A-LIGN's values. Use the form below to nominate now! You can nominate individuals for multiple different awards, or nominate different people to multiple awards! Simply refresh the page to begin a new nomination!

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Be All In

No matter what. Always. Unconditionally. We commit fully and engage fully so that together, we can move mountains. Significant individual performance that demonstrates:

  • Diligent work ethic
  • Dedication to A-LIGN’s success
  • Enthusiasm for new responsibilities
  • Eager to start an opportunity put in front of them

Commit to Quality

Level of service is part of our identity. Each member of our team commits to the highest standards. Significant individual performance that demonstrates:

  • Providing outstanding customer service to a client or employee
  • Working above and beyond normal expectations to ensure correctness
  • Building outstanding relationships with clients or employees
  • Producing excellent work product

Innovate Constantly

Why call it quits at base camp? We challenge every team member to be a pioneer and keep climbing. Significant individual performance that demonstrates:

  • Developing or implementing ideas that improve internal work processes
  • Improving timeliness or quality of service
  • Researching new methods and standards to delivery services
  • Influencing others to improve

Do the Right Thing, Always

Integrity is everything. Fueled by accountability, we take an honest and transparent approach to our work. Significant individual performance that demonstrates:

  • Making substantial strides to obtain needed skills or competencies
  • During a difficult time, actions reflect positively on the outcome
  • Being a model the right actions to others
  • Selfless acts that benefit others as a result