Understanding the HITRUST Inheritance Program

What is HITRUST? Because of the number of patients seeing medical professionals every day and the nature of their visits, the healthcare industry faces unique security challenges that no other industry sees.

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HITRUST CSFBASICs: A New Framework Designed for Smaller Healthcare Organizations


As the data breach landscape in the healthcare industry evolves, so do organizations and their compliance with regulatory requirements. Doing ‘nothing’ to protect healthcare data is no longer an acceptable approach for small healthcare entities.

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HITRUST Appoints Steve Simmons and Blaise Wabo to the HITRUST CSF Assessor Council


The HITRUST Alliance has appointed Steve Simmons, Director of Compliance at A-LIGN, and Blaise Wabo, Senior Manager at A-LIGN, to the HITRUST CSF Assessor Council.

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What to Expect in the HITRUST CSF v9.1 Release


HITRUST confirmed the HITRUST CSF Version 9.1 would be scheduled to release to the assessor community this month, January 2018 for review and to provide feedback.

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Future of Healthcare: The Transforming Healthcare Industry [Free Download]

The healthcare environment is extremely dynamic, forcing organizations to find the right solution to match the rising challenges. Many of these solutions introduce new and emerging technologies, leaving healthcare organizations with increased vulnerabilities. Healthcare organizations of every size and type can be breached, so exploring every security solution is critical. In 2016, major cyber-attacks on […]

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[Webinar] A-LIGN Presents: Using HITRUST CSF v9 to Meet Your Compliance Requirements

A-LIGN, a global information security and cyber risk advisory, and compliance solutions provider, is committed to staying current on emerging regulations and changes in security frameworks. On September 19, A-LIGN Managing Consultant and HITRUST CCSFP, Blaise Wabo, will host a HITRUST webinar called Using HITRUST CSF v9 to Meet Your Compliance Requirements, to educate healthcare […]

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Preparing for HITRUST CSF v9 Enhancements

Ahead of its late August/early September 2017 release, HITRUST has released details around HITRUST CSF v9. To address the evolving information security landscape to include new threat profiles and updates in standards, HITRUST has expanded its framework and enabled NIST Cybersecurity Certification. HITRUST removed 10 controls required for CSF v8.1 certification and added 19 controls […]

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On March 1, 2017, HITRUST announced its roadmap for 2017, which included improvements to the HITRUST CSF and a renewed focus on smaller healthcare organizations. The roadmap focuses on combating cyber threats and information risks while advancing protection standards regarding healthcare data through CSFBASICs, HITRUST CSF v8.1, HITRUST CSF v9, and CSF Assurance Program v9. […]

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3 Security Trends that will Continue in 2017

With the ushering in of another new year, I find myself acting nostalgic, wondering where the previous year went and of course pondering the year ahead. Here are three security and commerce trends which will continue in 2017. Healthcare Data Breach According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, healthcare data breaches in 2016 comprised of 290 […]

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Preparing for HITRUST CSF v8

HITRUST CSF v8 To ensure the HITRUST CSF stays relevant and current with the needs of today’s healthcare organizations, the HITRUST Alliance continually updates the CSF to incorporate the changing standards and regulations associated with its authoritative sources. The updates within v8, which was release on July 1, 2016, incorporate feedback within the HITRUST community, […]

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