The Most Common Challenges of the Audit Process

Our 2021 Compliance Benchmark Report found that more than 70% of organizations believe limited staff resources and evidence collection are the greatest challenges of their audit process. Learn more about the most common compliance audit challenges, plus potential solutions for each.

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What Does the Deadline on Federal Event Log Management Mean for My Organization?

A new cybersecurity executive order deadline on event log management has many technology companies wondering if they have to take action. Our Federal Practice Lead, Tony Bai, explains what this update means and whether or not it will affect your organization.

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Examining the Popularity of the SOC 2 Audit

Is your organization planning for a SOC 2 report?  You’re not alone.  In our 2021 Compliance Benchmark Report, SOC 2 emerged as the most popular audit for cybersecurity, IT, quality assurance (QA), internal audit, finance, and other professionals across a variety of industries.

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How Technology Helps Cloud Service Providers Achieve FedRAMP Certification

Tony Bai, A-LIGN’s Federal Practice Lead, and Emily Cummins, Anitian’s Director of Cloud Security, team up to discuss how technology can make your journey to FedRAMP certification a more streamlined process, saving you time and resources.

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A-SCEND’s Upcoming Release “Action Required” Status to Improve User Experience

A-SCEND will release a new feature “Action Required” status to help users streamline their workflow, creating an improved customer experience.  Jason Kosecki, A-LIGN’s Principal Product Operations Manager, launched a new blog series to explore recent releases and upcoming changes to A-SCEND.

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Drone Operators Must Become ISO 27001 Certified to Access Crucial FAA Data

Drone Operators must become ISO 27001

The FAA is now requiring that drone operators adhere to ISO 27001 to access crucial flight data.  The ISO 27001 certification will allow drone operators and civilian aircrafts to share airspace, provide flight data, and prove the effectiveness of their information security operations to the FAA.

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ISO 27701 and GDPR Compliance: What You Need to Know

ISO 27702 and GDPR compliance

Can ISO 27701 guarantee GDPR compliance?  ISO 27701 can well position any organisation for future GDPR compliance.  While one is a management system and the other is a technically a legal framework, ISO 27701 helps to create a path on your journey to GDPR.

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How to Prevent Data Breaches: 6 Best Practices

prevent data breaches

It’s not “if” a data breach occurs, but “when”.  Learn the 6 best practices to prevent a data breach and help you organization better prepare.

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Does My European Business Need a SOC 2 Assessment?

A-LIGN as european business need SOC 2

The U.S.-based SOC 2 standard is starting to catch on in European businesses as well as other parts of the world. Although it’s a voluntary American standard, SOC 2 helps to raise cybersecurity maturity and increase business value.

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Privacy Shield, GDPR and the New Standard Contractual Clauses: What You Need to Know

Privacy Shield, GDPR

The ruling that the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield is no longer a valid data transfer mechanism under GDPR accelerated the timeframe for new SCCs, but there’s still work to be done. Here’s what you need to know to stay compliant. 

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