ISO 22301 Certification: The Business Continuity Management System Standard


Advantages of an ISO 22301 Certification Having an ISO 22301 certification provides many benefits and communicates to your clients that you are confident in the policies, procedures, and processes in place at your organization to protect against business disruptions. Some of the advantages of having an ISO 22301 certification include, but are not limited to: […]

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Cloud Security for CSPs: It’s Up to You AND Your Clients

Cloud Security for CSP Blog A-LIGN

How can you as a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) improve the security your clients are demanding of you?  As you already know, businesses, regardless of their industry, are increasingly moving to a model that puts their reliance on CSPs. Previously, these businesses had to invest, construct, and maintain complex information technology. Now, with the ability […]

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Operational Readiness Review for Enhanced Direct Enrollment Pathway

Enhanced Direct Enrollment

In an effort to stabilize the health insurance market and provide additional ways for consumers to access coverage, the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), have launched a new streamlined and simplified enhanced direct enrollment (EDE) process.

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5 Steps to ISO Certification

5 Steps to ISO Certification

What are the steps to ISO certification? Our assessors have completed assessments against several International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, and can provide your organization on insights on the process for achieving ISO certification.

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SEC Issues First Civil Penalty for Failure of Data Breach Disclosure

SEC Penalty Data Breach Disclosure

On February 21, 2018, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced an update to its cybersecurity guidance that was first introduced in 2011 regarding a public company’s disclosure obligations related to cybersecurity. The updated guidance highlights new rules that a company must follow to ensure that policies and procedures are in place to address […]

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SEC Approves Cybersecurity Guidance Revision


Over the past year, cyber threats and risks have drastically increased in severity creating critical information security challenges, many of which have resulted in data breaches.

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Government Agencies Fight to Regulate Cryptocurrencies


News headlines continue to discuss the popular topic of cryptocurrencies. Whether it’s bitcoin or blockchain, the emerging technologies and concepts continue to impact and complicate the business world.

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3 Steps to Achieve GDPR Compliance


Are You Ready for GDPR’s May 2018 Deadline? How can your organization achieve GDPR compliance? Consumer privacy continues to become a mounting concern for organizations and with the implementation deadline for GDPR quickly approaching the focus on privacy has increased.

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Security Considerations for Using Blockchain Technology in Healthcare


Businesses continue to innovate and adopt new technologies with the goal of making operational processes more efficient. Recently, the newest technology trend, blockchain, has gained much attention from companies, technology innovators, and regulators. Although the technology itself is not new, it’s adoption into the commercial world is.

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A-LIGN’s Commitment to Quality


What does it mean to be committed to quality? Through our quality assurance process and team, and accreditations, A-LIGN ensures that your organization receives a quality report that meets the guidelines set by the relevant audit standard. Our reports satisfy third-party inquiries and exceeds customer expectations by upholding the highest standard of work.

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