Benchmark Your Compliance Program Against Your Peers – Survey Now Open

A-LIGN’s 2021 Compliance Benchmark Survey is now open! It’s designed for IT compliance and security professionals who want to compare their compliance programs against those of similar companiesWe invite you to take the 10-minute survey today before it closes at the end of February.

Benchmark Your Compliance Program Against Your Peers – Survey Now Open 

We know compliance can be a thorn in your side. It’s one of those things every company has to do, but few people have deep experience with. How much time should it take? How much money should be spent on itHow should it be prioritized relative to other important projects? 

We’re doing something to help answer those questions. A-LIGN has launched the 2021 Compliance Benchmark Survey and we are asking IT compliance and security professionals to participate. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the Compliance Benchmark survey, which will be open throughout the month of February. 

Find Out What Your Peers Are Doing About Compliance 

This benchmark report will allow you to compare your decisions to those made by similar companies in your industry, around your size, and within your part of the world.  

The 2021 Compliance Benchmark Survey includes information about: 

  • Compliance approaches and priorities 
  • Drivers of compliance 
  • Budgeting for compliance 
  • Staffing requirements 
  • How COVID has impacted compliance programs 
  • And more 

We are excited to bring this resource to the business community, and we believe it will help thousands of people make better decisions about their compliance programs. 

All Respondents Are Invited to our Live VIP Webinar 

Prior to publishing the report, we will be inviting all survey respondents to an exclusive VIP session hosted by Patrick Sullivan, one of A-LIGN’s lead cybersecurity compliance experts and author and primary investigator of this report. Patrick and his team will walk through the results and answer your questions – all before the report is available to the general public.  

How to Participate 

If you are an IT compliance professional or a cybersecurity professional involved in the IT compliance or IT auditing process, participation is simple. Just fill out the Compliance Benchmark survey – it’ll only take 10 minutes – and we’ll keep you in the loop as we get closer to publication! 

Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to help make it easier and take the guesswork out of the process. Please complete the survey today and make your voice heard.