FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool: Frequently Asked Questions


What is the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool? In response to the current cybersecurity landscape, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has developed the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (Assessment).

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DFARS NIST 800-171 Compliance Deadline Quickly Approaching

The deadline for nonfederal contractors and subcontractors to meet DFARS NIST-171 compliance to maintain government contracts is December 31, 2017. Starting January 1, 2018, organizations must demonstrate compliance to win new and/or uphold existing Department of Defense (DoD) contracts. Organizations with existing contracts who fail to be compliant by 2018 may face breach of contract […]

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Blockchain: Not Just for Bitcoin


Following the 2017 AICPA Engage Conference in Las Vegas, one topic has been the center of discussion: Blockchain. Previously associated with online currencies such as bitcoins, blockchain has now grown to acquire investments in the billions. According to Google Trends, ‘blockchain’ has reached its peak search interest this past month since its first recorded interest […]

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The Expedition to Information Security [Infographic]


As the world continues to advance, organizations are utilizing new technologies for improving their operations. The abundance of these new and emerging tools facilitate the way organizations conduct business through seamless communication and data transmission. The significant threat regarding this movement are the various cyber security risks. Due to the value of data in this […]

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7 Information Security Tips for Your Organization


Do you take the necessary precautions to ensure your information is stored and secured safely online? As the internet plays a larger role in our daily activities, it is important to highlight the type and amount of information we share can be used against us. As a result, we compiled the top information security tips […]

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Are You Ready for the DOE Annual Audit? 6 Steps to Ensure Compliance

As the digital landscape evolves and transforms the way organizations run their operations, many experience unprecedented opportunities as well as new challenges. In recent years, universities and colleges have experienced a higher number of cyber-attacks and security breaches due to a lack of a proper security infrastructure to secure student information, including financial aid. For […]

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FedRAMP: Understanding the Fundamentals (FAQ)

Any organization seeking to provide cloud products or solutions to a federal agency will need to go through a FedRAMP Readiness Assessment and then a full FedRAMP assessment to receive an Authorization to Operate (ATO) which ensures the security of its hosted information meets FedRAMP requirements. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is […]

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Preparing for Disaster: Understanding Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery


Operating in an environment that continually transforms can be challenging and sometimes system failure is inevitable. Although having proactive prevention programs is necessary, it is equally as important to have reactive disaster strategies. Potential causes of downtime include: Natural risks: Hurricane, fire, earthquake, etc. Human-caused risks: Terrorism, crime, manmade structure failure, etc. Civil risk: Riots, […]

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New York Instates First Mandated Cybersecurity Law

Due to the increasingly significant threat of cybercrime on businesses and consumers, New York has released cybersecurity requirements for financial services companies in the state of New York. While the SEC currently mandates that organizations need to implement “reasonable safeguards to protect a client’s nonpublic information,” the new law provides more clarity for organizations to […]

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10 Ways to Protect Your Information When Shopping Online

When the holiday season comes around, everyone is in the spirit of giving back and joining in on the festivities. This usually spurs an increase in spending and holiday shopping, most of which happens online. According to comScore and UPS’ online shopping survey, shoppers are now making 51% of their purchases online with 44% of […]

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