Everything You Need to Know about Password Spraying

Everything You Need to Know About Password Spraying

While passwords can protect our precious information, their ability to help us is limited by our ability to come up with a strong and memorable variation. Failure to create and use a secure, unique password can open your accounts up to password spraying.

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Debunking the Top Seven Cybersecurity Myths

cybersecurity myths

It is easy to feel uninformed with the number of cybersecurity myths that are frequently shared. The world of cybersecurity can be convoluted and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Arm your organization and yourself with facts about cybersecurity that will help you protect your personal, private information.

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Don’t Get Reeled In: How to Prevent Phishing Scams

Avoid Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are a serious threat to an organization, and they’re increasing in scope, complexity and number – but that doesn’t mean you’re helpless to defend yourself. In fact, it’s easier than ever to proactively protect your organization from threats by following some simple tips.

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A Look into the Future of Cybersecurity

Future of Cybersecurity blog

The world of cybersecurity is always growing and changing to combat new threats. To stay on the cutting edge, we know that it’s important to not only learn about the latest threats but to anticipate where the next danger could be coming from.

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Hack Harder™: Going Beyond Highs, Mediums and Lows

Hack Harder Penetration Test A-LIGN

Penetration tests have always been confused with vulnerability scans, but even penetration tests vary greatly, and it can be difficult for an organization to determine whether they’re getting a quality test. Poor penetration tests are often the result of focusing on systems and vulnerabilities instead of the target organization.

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Test the Security of Your Information Systems: A Penetration Testing Case Study

Penetration Testing Case Study A-LIGN

One of the best ways to test your information security posture is to simulate realistic attacks through a penetration test. Penetration testing is designed to test the information security of the technologies and systems in place at your organization, identifying vulnerabilities that can lead to a data breach or security incident.

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Types of Malware and How to Prevent Malware Attacks

Malware is ‘malicious software’ intended to damage, disable, or exploit computers or computer systems. It is a term most have become familiar with in the digital age because of its high presence and problematic consequences. Furthermore, the use of malware continues to dramatically increase and evolve each year. G DATA Security reported that in 2016, […]

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What Penetration Tests Reveal: The Top 3 Findings

The hacking industry was alive and well in 2015, and it’s funny how the majority of attack vectors haven’t changed in the past five years. I thought it would be interesting to share information gathered from expert pen testers regarding the top three vulnerabilities uncovered in 2015 as well as insight into prevention. The winner… […]

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2015 Data Breaches – The Year In Review

Author: Greg Johnson, Vice President of Business Development at A-LIGN. Data breach was alive and well in 2015 with some of the largest breaches in history occurring last year. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM), or in other words our Federal Government, was hacked to the tune of 21.5 million records. 80 million records were […]

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