HITRUST CSF v9.3 Incorporates New Frameworks, Legislation and Standards


Since 2007, the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) has been recognized as a well-rounded and certifiable security framework for any organizations of all sizes and industries. With the upcoming CSF v9.3 update, HITRUST continues to demonstrate its value for any organization by expanding to incorporate new frameworks, legislation and standards. What is the HITRUST CSF? The HITRUST […]

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HITRUST CSF v9.2 Opens Up the Framework for All Organizations


With HITRUST v9.2, the Common Security Framework (CSF) continues to be a very powerful and useful security framework for any organization – both inside and outside the healthcare industry.

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Understanding the HITRUST Inheritance Program

What is HITRUST? Because of the number of patients seeing medical professionals every day and the nature of their visits, the healthcare industry faces unique security challenges that no other industry sees.

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Security Considerations for Using Blockchain Technology in Healthcare


Businesses continue to innovate and adopt new technologies with the goal of making operational processes more efficient. Recently, the newest technology trend, blockchain, has gained much attention from companies, technology innovators, and regulators. Although the technology itself is not new, it’s adoption into the commercial world is.

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SECURETexas Certification – Is It Right for Your Organization?


SECURETexas was created per Texas House Bill 300 in 2011 to help covered entities in Texas demonstrate that they have met privacy and security standards to reduce regulatory penalties, mitigate risk, and increase business partner and consumer confidence in the protection of protected health information (PHI).

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What to Expect in the HITRUST CSF v9.1 Release


HITRUST confirmed the HITRUST CSF Version 9.1 would be scheduled to release to the assessor community this month, January 2018 for review and to provide feedback.

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Preparing for HITRUST CSF v9 Enhancements

Ahead of its late August/early September 2017 release, HITRUST has released details around HITRUST CSF v9. To address the evolving information security landscape to include new threat profiles and updates in standards, HITRUST has expanded its framework and enabled NIST Cybersecurity Certification. HITRUST removed 10 controls required for CSF v8.1 certification and added 19 controls […]

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14 Ways to Prevent Data Breaches in Your Organization

Actionable Tips to Prevent Data Breaches Feeling safe about your organization’s personal data because of encryption standards? Don’t fool yourself into a false sense of security. Managing cyber-risk is a multi-faceted, whole-organization effort that requires implementation at the top levels down. In IBM’s Security Services 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, which analyzed cyber-attack and incident […]

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Get Ready: Changes to ALTA’s Best Practices and Assessment Procedures

Overview of ALTA Best Practices Changes In June 2016, the ALTA Board approved the modifications to the ALTA Best Practices and assessment procedures, and also created the Best Practices Maturity Model to help Title Companies measure compliance with the Best Practices. Below is a brief summary of the changes that were made to the Best […]

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Provide Peace of Mind to Lenders and Consumers with the A-LIGN Difference

The A-LIGN Difference = Peace of Mind + Trusted Advisor + Competitive Advantage Most lenders/stakeholders now ask title insurance and settlement companies to demonstrate compliance with ALTA’s Best Practices. There exists a lot of uncertainty and confusion in the industry as to how a title insurance and settlement company can demonstrate compliance with ALTA’s Best […]

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