Drone Operators Must Become ISO 27001 Certified to Access Crucial FAA Data

The FAA is now requiring that drone operators adhere to ISO 27001 to access crucial flight data.  The ISO 27001 certification will allow drone operators and civilian aircrafts to share airspace, provide flight data, and prove the effectiveness of their information security operations to the FAA.

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ISO 27701 and GDPR Compliance: What You Need to Know

Can ISO 27701 guarantee GDPR compliance?  ISO 27701 can well position any organisation for future GDPR compliance.  While one is a management system and the other is a technically a legal framework, ISO 27701 helps to create a path on your journey to GDPR.

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Four Benefits of Combining ISO 27701 and ISO 27001

ISO 27701 and ISO 27001

ISO 27701 is the first certification for privacy. By combining ISO 27701 and ISO 27001, organizations can build trust, prepare for privacy regulations, and more.

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