A-LIGN Employees Virtually Connect for the Second Year in 6th Annual CLIMB Team Building Event

CLIMB Team Building Event

350+ A-LIGN employees (CLIMBERS) connected virtually for our annual summer training event, CLIMB 2021: COMMITMENT. This event connects CLIMBERS from across the globe and ignites the momentum and commitment needed to help us achieve our full potential. 

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5 Reasons Why You Need SOC 2 Compliance

Why You Need SOC 2 Compliance

Many organizations outsource their business operations and services to third-party vendors, possibly putting client data at risk. Therefore, organizations request that their vendors achieve SOC 2 compliance to demonstrate IT security standards. Let’s review additional reasons you need SOC 2 compliance now.

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Starting a new IT security policy? Consider these 8 key policies and procedures

8 key policies and procedures

Having the right set of IT security policies in place can help to prevent cyber-attacks and minimize risk.  Check out eight key policies and procedures your organization needs today.

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