A-LIGN’s GRC Software A-SCEND Streamlines Auditing Process

A-LIGN simplifies the audit and assessment process with A-SCEND, A-LIGN’s proprietary governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) software. A-SCEND was developed in-house with the goal of solving our clients’ needs, by creating a more efficient, organized auditing process experience.

A-SCEND focuses on condenses the audit process by consolidating multiple audit requests for single evidence items. Through the user interface clients can upload and easily access information regarding their project, focusing specifically on the evidence collection process with the Information Request List, which is needed prior to coming onsite. A-SCEND enhances the document management process, making it efficient and simple to use, by creating a time-saving way to share all important documents and evidence with the engagement team in streamlined communication.

A-LIGN is one of a few firms that offers a technology solution that streamlines the audit and assessment process. Features of the application include but are not limited to:

  • Secure document storage
  • Evidence upload tracking
  • Project completion percentage
  • Project activity tracking logs
  • User management tools
  • Condensed simplified Information Request Lists

“We wanted to take the stress out of the audit process,” said Scott Price, CEO of A-LIGN. “This application was developed to make the audit easier for our clients by reducing their workload through real-time request progress tracking, automatic notifications, and document retention – allowing our clients to easily prepare their organization for their next audit with A-LIGN.”

The curated features of A-SCEND were cultivated from the industry experts within A-LIGN, as well as through client interviews and industry research. Through these resources, A-LIGN developed a program that helps clients achieve compliance with ease. Once a project is ‘Closed’ in the application, all work is retained, allowing A-LIGN or the client to quickly procure the information for following years, creating a portfolio for any service a client has engaged in with A-LIGN.

“We understand that audits can be stressful for organizations, but through the utilization of this innovative technology, we believe that we can mitigate some of these pain points,” said President, Gene Geiger. “This software helps us take a long-term approach to build a lasting security and compliance infrastructure so that future organizations are able to easily scale their audit and security needs.”

For new clients, A-LIGN can conduct a software demonstration of A-SCEND and provides a user guide with step-by-step instructions. A-LIGN’s Information Technology department consistently makes updates to ensure A-SCEND is addressing all the evolving needs of A-LIGN’s clients.

Are you interested in receiving a demo of A-LIGN’s A-SCEND software? Please contact a representative to set up a demo time and learn more about how A-LIGN can help your organization meet their compliance and security objectives.