A-SCEND: Audit Automation and Compliance Management

The A-SCEND compliance management solution brings together user-friendly software with years of multi-framework audit and compliance experience into a single SaaS application designed to bring you entirely through the audit lifecycle, from initial readiness to final report. Built by our experts and inspired by our clients, A-SCEND delivers the following to users:

  • Streamlines the audit process by centralizing evidence collection
  • Standardizes compliance requests across multiple security frameworks
  • Consolidates audits to minimize expenses and improve productivity

Final reports delivered quickly.

It’s your SOC 2 report that inspires trust with customers and sets you apart from competitors. Software-only solutions get you started but can’t see you through the entire process. We’ve been doing SOC 2 audits since they were invented 12 years ago, pulling together powerful technology with our top-notch audit staff to deliver one of the most streamlined experiences anywhere.

Requirements won't fall through the gaps.

You know that awful moment when your auditor tells you the evidence you’ve gathered isn’t adequate? That doesn’t happen with A-LIGN. We are with you from the beginning, we know how SOC 2 pertains to your business, and unlike software-only solutions, we’ll help you get evidence collection right the first time.

Built by people who get audits done.

When we designed A-SCEND, we applied knowledge and experience from thousands upon thousands of SOC 2 audits – which we continue to do every day. We know all the ins and outs of SOC 2 along with a huge variety of other compliance frameworks. That’s why the A-SCEND platform is the most effective end-to-end compliance management solution on the market.

The ability to easily link one piece of evidence to multiple requests will surely save me and my team a lot of time in our next audit cycle.”

– ScholarChip Card LLC

A-SCEND is user-friendly and intuitive. My team can easily track the status and due dates on the audit dashboard, and they are overjoyed that control evidence can be reused for different controls and audits. They no longer have to load evidence multiple times.”

– ProVation Medical

A-SCEND streamlines and standardizes the audit process so our teams can get back to their everyday jobs. The end result improves our efficiency, our interoperability, and our integration across products and services. We can do more with less.”

– TIBCO Software

How It Works

Transform Your Audit Experience

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