The Gift of Giving: A-LIGN’s Annual Holiday Charity Donation Program

As we kick-off 2018 strong, we reflect on the incredible year and the milestones within. With a 210% three-year-growth, we have expanded our assessment, advisory and technical testing service offerings to meet the growing needs of our client base, enhanced our GRC application, A-SCEND, and have implemented an arsenal of resources to equip organizations with knowledge to achieve their objectives. We are grateful for all that we have accomplished and the clients who have helped our firm achieve these milestones. We know that our long-term success is not only directly linked to the success of our clients, but to the communities they serve.

A-LIGN’s Commitment to the Community

At A-LIGN, our culture and core values are anchored in our commitment and dedication to providing exceptional service to our clients; and we sare this same commitment and dedication with the communities we serve in. The holiday season is a time where giving back to the community and performing random acts of kindness is paramount, so this past holiday season we decided to join our two efforts of giving back to our clients and the community through A-LIGN’s Annual Holiday Charity Donation Program.

In lieu of client appreciation gifts, we offered our clients the opportunity to donate to the charity of their choice, where A-LIGN will make a contribution on their behalf. This program allows A-LIGN to build a better relationship with our clients by sharing in the spirit of giving during and after the holiday season. We are excited to announce that in our fifth consecutive year offering this program, we have made donations to three major not-for-profit organizations: National Red Cross | Disaster Relief Services, Junior Achievement, and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

A-LIGN shares fundamental values with these organizations and believes that supporting them can create a better and brighter tomorrow. As a corporate business, we understand our social responsibility and continuously strive to make a positive difference in our community. Our charitable gift giving strategy provides long-term benefits not only to our clients, but to the communities surrounding them.

A-LIGN looks forward to honoring our commitment to civic and charitable contributions and exploring new philanthropic initiatives in 2018. To learn more about A-LIGN’s commitment to the community and our mission and values, please visit or reach out to an A-LIGN representative at [email protected]