The A-LIGN Way: Focus on the Client and Not on Sales Quotas

a-lign-way-sales-quotaAt A-LIGN, we relentlessly strive to exceed our clients’ expectations on every level by delivering the highest quality of service and unparalleled support. As a global information security and cyber risk advisory, and compliance solutions provider, we are committed to providing proactive guidance on information security risks that could affect our clients’ business, while solving their compliance needs.

Our service delivery team is dedicated to serving the needs of our clients through an understanding of their organization’s systems and processes. Placing a focus on building relationships with our clients and providing year-round service to respond to any changes that occur throughout the year, is the A-LIGN Difference.

“At A-LIGN we emphasize the importance of our clients and value of recognizing their needs. Therefore, we want our managers and directors to understand our clients’ industries on a granular level to become a resource and provide useful industry insights. By doing so, we can assure our clients that we are invested in their success,” said President, Gene Geiger.

Our service delivery approach stems from two driving factors we have seen in the information security industry: comprehensive solutions providers and leadership sales quotas.

1. Comprehensive Solutions Providers

As the need for information security among organizations across a variety of industries increases so does the number of security and compliance providers. Most of these providers specialize in one facet of security or compliance, not having the expertise to conduct more than one type of audit or assessment. However, A-LIGN can provide a holistic and innovative approach to compliance, security, and privacy solutions to cater to the needs of our clients under one roof.

Furthermore, A-LIGN is one of the few firms in the nation that is a licensed CPA firm, Qualified Security Assessor Company, certified HITRUST Assessor firm, accredited ISO 27001 certification body, and accredited FedRAMP 3PAO, having the qualifications and expertise to conduct multiple assessments.

2. Leadership Sales Quotas

At  A-LIGN, our goal is to assist our clients by understanding their unique needs, the needs of their industry, and the needs of their customers. Due to this prioritization, A-LIGN directs its leadership team spend time building a relationship with clients where the expectation is not selling additional or unnecessary services.

A-LIGN does not enlist sales quotas to avoid inflating or overselling projects unnecessarily for incentives. Their incentive is to deliver quality service and meet client expectations on each and every project.

“It is imperative that our entire team is dedicated to ensuring our clients’ security and compliance needs are met”, said Director of Cyber Risk and Privacy, Petar Besalev. “This means understanding their environment and offering tailored solutions that benefit their organization, rather than artificially creating the need for additional projects in order to expand sales.”

The A-LIGN Difference

Our values drive our team of professionals to perform to the highest standard and deliver unparalleled support to our clients. We monitor emerging trends and listen to client feedback to transform the way we work and ensure the highest quality of service delivery.

Without the use of sales quotas, our service delivery team can focus their attention on discovering opportunities and providing solutions that will enhance the client’s information security and compliance posture.

“It’s constructive and rewarding to know that I am able to address my clients’ needs without worrying about making any sales quotas. I think that’s a large component to A-LIGN’s success. By stressing the importance of clients, I am always focused on performing my very best to ensure that my work is of the highest quality,” said Managing Consultant, Brandon Thompson.

By adapting the expectations of our managers and directors, A-LIGN continuously enhances the performance of services from the bottom up. Listening to our clients and concentrating on their challenges provides us with the opportunities for improvement, making our operations more efficient.

“Unlike previous firms I’ve worked for, A-LIGN’s innovative approach to client success and service delivery is unique and impactful. I can spend time digesting the industry demands of my clients and communicating regulatory changes that affect their business operations. My clients are always surprised and delighted at the level of knowledge we provide for them and their organization,” stated Managing Consultant, Stephanie Oyler.

If you would like to learn more about A-LIGN and how we can assist your organization in meeting your security, compliance, and privacy needs, please contact us at [email protected] or 1-888-702-5446.