A-LIGN Insights: June 2021

In this issue we discuss how to spur cybersecurity board engagement, the impact of GDPR on the approach to privacy regulations, and more.

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Three Takeaways from Three Years of GDPR

Three years after the GDPR first rolled out, the law has made its mark on the world. The GDPR set the gold standard for privacy and awakened many people to how their data is used — and their right to have a say in it. Here are the three biggest takeaways of three years with the GDPR.
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6 Ways to Spur Cybersecurity Board Engagement

Cybersecurity board engagement is growing but executive and director buy-in and cybersecurity business alignment are still playing catch up. In A-LIGN’s 2021 Compliance Benchmark Report, we found that only 19% of organization’s surveyed felt regulatory requirements from the board was the driving force behind their compliance programs. Learn how to advance cybersecurity conversations in the boardroom and C-suite!
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2021 Compliance Benchmark Webinar

Did you miss our recent webinar? A-LIGN’s first annual Compliance Benchmark Report provides a comprehensive review of the challenges and opportunities faced by security and compliance professionals throughout 2021. Patrick Sullivan, Director of Customer Success at A-LIGN, reviews the report results and compliance best practices.
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The Opportunities and Challenges Ahead: A Response to the Cybersecurity Executive Order

The cybersecurity Executive Order issued by President Biden illustrates why we need modernized cybersecurity, but there are challenges that need to be addressed first. Check out our newest blog by Joe Cortese, A-LIGN’s Penetration Testing Practice Lead for his take on the EO and the opportunities ahead.
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Webinar: SOC 2 for Beginners

Join Scot Thrower, A-LIGN’s Director of Solutions Advisory, and John Baughman, A-LIGN’s Solutions Advisor, to learn the ins and outs of SOC 2 and why it’s important for your organization.

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WebinarTony’s Take: Monthly CMMC Updates & Federal Compliance News

Join Tony Bai, A-LIGN’s Federal Practice Lead, each month for the latest news on Federal Compliance, including CMMC updates and a live Q&A.

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Compliance News

HITRUST vs. HIPAA: Which is Right for My Organization?

Looking at the HITRUST CSF vs. HIPAA isn’t an accurate comparison. Here is how the security framework and the law are different, plus the ways in which they interact.

Are You SOC 2 Ready? Evaluate Your Organization’s Maturity Level

A-LIGN’s SOC 2 Readiness Checklist helps you determine how close your organization is to reaching the summit of its security potential before the auditor steps through your door. The SOC 2 Readiness Checklist is an easy-to-use, interactive tool that will identify your organizations readiness for conducting a SOC 2 audit. Get started today!

A-SCEND Tip of the Month

A-SCEND Tip of the Month

A-LIGN Team Spotlight 

Michael_DarmaninMeet Michael Darmanin
Sr. Technical Support Analyst for A-SCEND

“A-SCEND facilitates a greater tracking and communication process during the audit and makes it easier to provide evidence to fulfill the requests that are required to complete the audit. Prior to technology, like A-SCEND, a massive spreadsheet was used to track everything and continuously emailed back and forth; what a logistical nightmare! A-SCEND is an always-accessible, single source of evidence and snapshot of progress for both the auditor and the client.”
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