A-LIGN Insights: July 2021

In this issue we explore the benefits of creating a Master Audit Plan, discuss StateRAMP and how it relates to FedRAMP, highlight recent cybersecurity news, and more.

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Master  Audit Plan

A Master Audit Plan (MAP) offers organizations a strategic approach to align on various compliance reporting needs to streamline visibility and reduce duplicate audit efforts.  A MAP will alleviate the pressures and time constraints traditionally felt throughout the audit process, quickly becoming a critical asset for your organization.
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What Is StateRAMP and How Does It Relate to FedRAMP?

In this blog, Tony Bai, A-LIGN’s Federal Practice Lead, gives an overview of StateRAMP and explains how it addresses state-level cybersecurity.
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A HITRUST Customer and Partner Story with Rudi Perkins (Welvie) and Blaise Wabo (A-LIGN) – ITSP Magazine

Six years ago, Rudi tried to bring his organization to an effective level of compliance and  increase his security posture by managing multiple spreadsheets. If you’ve been in a similar situation, you probably found yourself overwhelmed with the complexity. Hear how Rudi found success with HITRUST.
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Webinar: SOC 2 for Beginners

Considering a SOC 2 examination?  Watch our “SOC 2 for Beginners” webinar hosted by Scot Thrower, A-LIGN’s VP of Solutions Advisory, and John Baughman, A-LIGN’s Solutions Advisor?

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Webinar: Tony’s Take: How Technology & Automation Accelerate the Path to Achieving Federal Compliance

Did you know Tony Bai, A-LIGN’s Federal Practice Lead, hosts a monthly webinar? In this next month’s webinar on August 10th at 2:00 PM ET, Tony is joined by special guest Emily Cummins, Director of Cloud Security at Anitian, to discuss how technology and automation have accelerated achieving Federal Compliance. In this session, they will share insights and answer questions on:

  1. How technology can overcome the challenges that typically slow down compliance​
  2. The role automation can play in standing up an infrastructure and configuring your environment
  3. The importance of using technology and automation in maintaining compliance

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Industry News

A-LIGN’s CEO Scott Price was named EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Florida Award Finalist 
The program honors unstoppable business leaders whose ambition, ingenuity, and courage are building and sustaining successful, dynamic businesses.

NATO Warns it Will Consider a Military Response to Cyber-Attacks 
NATO has warned it is prepared to treat cyber-attacks in the same way as an armed attack against any of its allies and issue a military response against the perpetrators.

McDonald’s Hit by Data Hack in Latest High-Profile Attack
McDonald’s customer and employee data were compromised when systems were hacked in countries that include the U.S., Taiwan and South Korea.

RockYou2021: Largest Password Compilation of All Time Leaked Online with 8.4 Billion Entries 
A large collection of passwords, a massive 100GB TXT file that contains 8.4 billion entries of passwords, were leaked on a popular hacker forum.

A-LIGN Team Spotlight

Meet Katie Vokus
Sr. Consultant, SOC

Katie Vokus“I most enjoy working with repeat clients. For one of my clients, I started as a ‘shadow’, then worked with them the following year as an experienced staff consultant with trainees shadowing me. This year, I worked with the client for a third time but as a senior consultant on the project. I enjoy building connections with repeat clients and watching them succeed and grow.”
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