A-LIGN Insights: August 2021

In this issue our A-LIGN experts dive deeper into key findings from our Compliance Benchmark Report, discuss the role technology and automation plays in compliance, debunk the so-called “14-day SOC 2”, and more.

Featured Content

A-LIGN Welcomes Warburg Pincus

Warburg Pincus has announced a strategic investment in A-LIGN, which will fuel our growth in many ways, including building upon our A-SCEND SaaS platform, growing our portfolio of service offerings, expanding our global footprint, and executing an aggressive hiring strategy. We are extremely excited to begin this new chapter with our team, clients, and new partner, Warburg Pincus, at our side!
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DoD Is Rolling Out CMMC Certification Reqs, But C3PAOs Are in Short Supply

Government contractors will soon need to obtain CMMC certification, but there are currently just a few authorized C3PAOs. Tony Bai, Federal Practice lead at A-LIGN, emphasizes companies shouldn’t panic due to the logistical bottleneck. They can take preliminary steps to prepare.
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How do the New HITRUST Assurance Advisories Affect Your Program?

Three new HITRUST Assurance Advisories were released in June, ahead of the CSF v9.5 update. Blaise Wabo, A-LIGN’s Associate Director of HITRUST/HIPAA/HITECH, explains how the Assurance Advisories will impact the program stakeholders, affect scope and timing, and have an impact on your current and future HITRUST assessment.
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After Thousands of Audits; the Truth About the So-called “14-Day Soc 2”

A SOC 2 in 14 days? We’ve completed thousands of them and can say with authority that this is misleading. As auditors, we believe in accuracy, so Brian Gladstein, A-LIGN’s VP of Marketing, shares what it really takes to complete a SOC 2 and how to get it done as quickly as possible.
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A-SCEND: Automation Software Designed to Expedite Your Audit

A-SCEND is A-LIGN’s proprietary compliance management platform developed by industry experts, inspired by our clients, and designed to meet the needs of your audit journey. Visit our interactive demo!
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How Technology and Automation Accelerate the Path to Federal Compliance

In this month’s exclusive Q&A series, A-LIGN’s Federal Practice lead, Tony Bai, welcomed special guest Emily Cummins, Director of Cloud Security at Anitian, to discuss how technology and automation have accelerated achieving Federal Compliance. If you missed August’s edition, be sure to watch the recording!
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Complying With the EU’s New Standard Contractual Clauses

The European Commission’s recent approval of the new standard contractual clauses means companies have less than two years to comply. This article reviews what the SCCs mean for businesses that transfer personal data from EU countries and steps toward compliance.
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Webinar: How to Accelerate FedRAMP: From Zero to ATO

  • Join us on September 9 at 2:00 PM ET and learn how to navigate FedRAMP authorization. In this webinar, our Federal Practice lead, Tony Bai, will be sharing key lessons learned with our client, Danny Sehr, Chief Customer and Product Officer, from AchieveIt and partner Mats Nahlinder, CEO & Co-Founder of Sunstone Secure. They will share how to achieve FedRAMP authorization quickly and affordably through efficiencies, technology, and the right partners.
    In this webinar, they’ll cover:

    • The preparation steps needed to ensure FedRAMP success and how a partner can help
    • The role automation, OSCAL, and the public cloud’s native functionalities can play to speed up and lower the cost of the FedRAMP process while mitigating risk for a successful project
    • How to avoid the common pitfalls that can delay FedRAMP authorization

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Webinar: Simple Helix & A-LIGN Webinar

Don’t miss A-LIGN’s Federal Practice Lead, Tony Bai, and Simple Helix’s CEO, Scott McDaniel, on September 7 from 12:30-1:30 PM CT to learn the ins and outs of the CMMC certification and an update on C3PAOs.

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Compliance News

What is Zero Trust?
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for security so the best way to lessen the threat surface is to implement a zero trust architecture. To determine if this approach is the right move for your organization, Joe Cortese, A-LIGN’s Penetration Testing Practice Lead, explains its purpose, benefits and challenges.

Combine Multiple Audits to Save Time and Resources 
Our Compliance Benchmark Report showed that although organizations are completing numerous audits throughout the year, they are not combining multiple audits. This lack of strategic planning leads to a whirlwind of chaos for everyone involved. Patrick Sullivan,
A-LIGN’s Director of Customer Success, explains why it doesn’t have to be this way.

What Is the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and How Can It Be Achieved?
FedTech breaks down what federal IT pros need to know about CMMC and how it impacts cybersecurity. Within the article, A-LIGN’s Federal Practice Lead, Tony Bai, comments on past compliance frameworks and how CMMC makes certification and cybersecurity controls a top priority.   hacker forum.

A-LIGN Team Spotlight

Meet Stacy Graison
Learning and Development Specialist

“Getting to know the college hires and mentoring them as they begin their careers is extremely rewarding to me. I love helping them with all their questions, hearing the things they’re worried about, and trying to alleviate some of their stresses while they’re beginning their very first job. It’s really fun to watch and be a part of!”
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